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Zuni Artists Featured on
    Each of these artists is a master of design and styling, using their favorite materials to create compelling images: Maxx Laate, Claudia Peina, Claudia Peina GNB, Lena Boone, Emery Boone, Ruben Najera, and Dan Quam. View our Zuni carver …

Zuni Fetish Artists – Sunshine Studio
    Biographies of the Zuni fetish carving artists whose work we are pleased to offer at Sunshine Studio. Families include Leekya, Quam, Quandelacy, Boone, Eriacho, Laiwakete, and many others. Prominent artists include Troy Sice, Ray Tsalate, Travis Lasiloo, Jeff Shetima, Loren Tsalabutie, Jimmy Yawakia, and Dee Edaakie.

Authentic Zuni Fetishes –
    Zuni Fetishes Some of our accomplished artists include Andres Quandelacy, Bremette Epaloose, Lena Boone, Ron Laahty, Ricky Laahty, Claudia Peina, Stewart Quandelacy, and Andres Quam. American Indians have used fetishes throughout recorded history.

Zuni Fetish Carvers - Best of Zuñi
    Zuni fetish carvers - featured artists include Emery Boone, Lena Boone, Maxx Laate, Claudia Peina, Ruben Najera, and, Dan Quam

Zuni Fetishes – Indian Summer Native American Art
    While the Zuni fetish carvings you see on our website and others are considered Zuni fetishes, carved by accomplished artists such as Andres Quandelacy, Bremette Epaloose, Lena Boone, Ron Laahty, Ricky Laahty, Claudia Peina, Stewart Quandelacy, and Andres Quam, a true Zuni fetish does not leave the village and is blessed by a Shaman or Medicine Man and used by the carver himself or a …

ZuniFetish Carver Guide Sedonawolf Sedona Indian Jewelry
    Thelma and Aaron Sheche Zuni Fetish Carvings. Thelma and Aaron Sheche. Extremely Rare Alice Leekya Zuni Fetish Carvings. Bryson Bobelu Daniel Chattin Lance Cheama Derrick & Elton Kaamasee.

Artists Signatures - Palms Trading Company
    Native American Stone Fetishes ... Tribe: Navajo/Zuni Birthdate: 10-02-1969 Parents: Anita and Phil Sanchez Taught By: Brother. Ambrose Atencio. ... for authentic Native American Indian Art. Please call us at (800) 748-1656 or (505) 247-8504. Contact Us. Contact Info (800) 748-1656

Zuni Jewelry Directory and Guide - Sedona Indian Jewelry
    Zuni Fetish Carvings . Faye Quandelacy ; Lena Boone Zuni Fetish Carvings ; Herbert Him Zuni Fetishes ; Daniel Chattin Zuni ; Peter and Dinah Gasper Carvings ; Francis Leekya Zuni Carvings and Jewelry ; Zuni Fetish Necklaces ; Pueblo Pottery Acoma Hopi Zuni Jemez ; Dr. Edwin Wade Southwest Pueblo Pottery Collection ; Lynn Quam Zuni Carver ; Jayne Quam Zuni Carvings

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