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Zuni Artists Featured on
    Zuni Carvers Each of these artists is a master of design and styling, using their favorite materials to create compelling images: Maxx Laate, Claudia Peina, Claudia Peina GNB, Lena Boone, Emery Boone, Ruben Najera, and Dan Quam View our Zuni carver …

Zuni Pueblo Art - Ancestral Rich Treasures of Zuni Cooperative
    Keshshi A:hoi, Donsh A:wiya! We are the Ancestral Rich Treasures of Zuni Cooperative (ARTZ), a collective of proud Zuni Artisans ranging from Carvers, Jewelers, Metal smiths, Painters, Potters, Silversmiths, Textile Weavers, and Wood Works. Find out more.

Zuni Hallmarks- EAGLE ROCK TRADING POST-Native American ...
    Effie Calavaza (Daughter and/or Grandaughter) Gloria Calavaza or Joy Calavaza. Item # 669A- Zuni Double Turquoise Snake Sterling Silver Rings by G. CALAVAZA. Item #943W- Men's Zuni Triple Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Sterling Silver Double Snake Ring by Joy Calavaza.

Zuni Jewelry Directory and Guide - Sedona Indian Jewelry
    It was they who introduced turquoise to Southwest Native American jewelry in the late 1800's. Turquoise inlay jewelry was developed by the Zuni in the early 1900's. Using turquoise, coral, lapis and opal gemstones in Native American jewelry is like adding paints to canvas. Click on the artists name for more information, prices and the artist's bio.

Zuni Fetish Artists – Sunshine Studio
    Biographies of the Zuni fetish carving artists whose work we are pleased to offer at Sunshine Studio. Families include Leekya, Quam, Quandelacy, Boone, Eriacho, Laiwakete, and many others. Prominent artists include Troy Sice, Ray Tsalate, Travis Lasiloo, Jeff Shetima, Loren Tsalabutie, Jimmy Yawakia, and Dee Edaakie.

Experience Zuni
    Zunis are known worldwide as superior artists and craftspeople. Precious metals, stones, and natural materials are creatively formed into jewelry, fetish carvings, pottery, weavings, beadwork, and other arts.

Native American Zuni Indian Art
    Zuni art have devised styles and design motifs based on natural forms. This has given rise to some of the most popular types of Indian pottery and sculpture available today, from carved stone shapes on necklaces to colorful representations of animals, representations of animals, birds, plants and Native American Indian dancers.

Zuni Jewelry –
    Native American Indian Jewelry Turquoise Zuni Earrings Colin Lalio. $165.00 $220.00. Native American Zuni Turquoise Needlepoint Bracelet Evonne Hustito. $375.00 $525.00. Sterling Silver Coral Zuni Petit Point Row Bracelet Susie Livingston. $66.00 $88.00. Sterling Silver Shadowbox Inlay Zuni Heart Earrings Susie Lowsayate. $105.00 $140.00.

Artists - Southwest Silver Gallery
    Darryl Becenti was born in 1957 in Gallup, New Mexico. He was taught to do silver work by his brother-in-laws, David and Leroy Reeves in 1980. Darryl is also a sandpainter. Calvin Begay, Navajo, was born in 1965 and resides in Tohatchi, Gallup, New Mexico. Calvin works in both silver and gold.

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