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Zuni Jewelry –
    Native American Indian Jewelry Turquoise Zuni Earrings Colin Lalio. $165.00 $220.00. Native American Zuni Turquoise Needlepoint Bracelet Evonne Hustito. $375.00 $525.00. Sterling Silver Coral Zuni Petit Point Row Bracelet Susie Livingston. $66.00 $88.00. Sterling Silver Shadowbox Inlay Zuni Heart Earrings Susie Lowsayate. $105.00 $140.00.

Zuni Native American Jewelry – Lema's Kokopelli Gallery
    Our Zuni bracelets, rings, necklaces and more are crafted by Zuni silversmiths on the Zuni Pueblo in New Mexico. Zuni Native American artists are famous for their cluster, needlepoint and petit point jewelry designs using turquoise, coral, jet, and exotic shells. Shop our Zuni collections now.

Zuni Jewelry Directory and Guide - Sedona Indian Jewelry
    It was they who introduced turquoise to Southwest Native American jewelry in the late 1800's. Turquoise inlay jewelry was developed by the Zuni in the early 1900's. Using turquoise, coral, lapis and opal gemstones in Native American jewelry is like adding paints to canvas. Click on the artists name for more information, prices and the artist's bio.

Zuni Artists Featured on
    Zuni and Navajo Jewelers Be it rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces or pin/pendants, each artist has his/her own designs and styling. Click on any name to see recent offerings: Lorraine Waatsa, Larry Loretto, Joanne Peina, Bryant Waatsa, Jr. View our Zuni and Navajo jeweler galleries...

Zuni Jewelry– Garland's
    The Zuni Tribe is located 34 miles south of Gallup, New Mexico and has over 10,000 tribal members. Zuni silversmiths are known for having perfected the art of lapidary, producing some of the finest inlay jewelry in the southwest. Other styles made famous by Zuni artists are needlepoint and petitpoint, where tiny stones are set in intricate designs.

Zuni – Indian Pueblo Store
    Today the majority of Zuni people make a living in the arts, and Zuni artists are famous for their handcrafted silver inlay jewelry, gemstone jewelry with cluster work in the petit point and needlepoint styles and beautiful hand carved fetishes.

Zuni Hallmarks- EAGLE ROCK TRADING POST-Native American ...
    Item #943W- Men's Zuni Triple Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Sterling Silver Double Snake Ring by Joy Calavaza. Item #882X- Vintage Men's Zuni Double Turquoise Snakes Cast Ring sz. 11 3/4 by Effie Calavaza. Item # 553T-Zuni Double Turquoise Stone Snake Stud Earrings by Effie Calavaza.

Native American Indian Jewelry Artists and Their Hallmarks ...
    Albert Francisco is famous for his calibrations with anglo artist Steve Harper of Stoneweaver. Albert creates beautiful Inlay Turquoise Jewelry and other marvelous pieces of quality Turquoise jewelry, silver jewelry and 14k gold jewelry. Albert Jake : Hallmark: A. Jake. Albert was born in …

Artists - Native American Silver Jewelry
    Arnie Gasper, Zuni, was born in 1972 and is the son of Rose Gasper and brother to Duran Gasper. Arnie creates mosaic, channel inlay jewelry, pottery and fetishes. He started making small earrings in the eighth grade and later learned how to inlay from his uncle, Gus Panteah.

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