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Background artist in zune? - Microsoft Community
    Jun 14, 2013 · Hi, Ayu, If you are wishing to display artist album art when songs are playing, "For the songs and videos being played the background is an image associated with the artist meta information gathered from Zune.If the song or video doesn't have the correct meta information it …

Artist pictures on Zune background - Microsoft Community
    Artist pictures on Zune background Hi I am using Windows Phone and Zune for a while, and showing artist pictures on Zune background and lock screen when playing, is an amazing feature in Zune …

Zune Artist Background Image - Solution XDA Developers ...
    Mar 17, 2011 · But Yeah I was first trying to get the Zune tile to change to having artists on it rather than just the zune logo. And haven't fixed that and Now I'm trying to suss out my artists images as background images on my trophy whilst in the zune application. So far after resarching for a few hours, It only works in the US.

Zune Artist Background Image - Solution XDA Developers ...
    Dec 27, 2010 · To identify this, nothing will load when you try and load Marketplace items for that artist. To fix, simply rename in Zune - Certain Artists While this has worked for 99% of my collection, there are 1 or 2 artists who have BG images when in artist view …

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Zune Originals Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave
    Tons of awesome Zune originals wallpapers to download for free. You can also upload and share your favorite Zune originals wallpapers. HD wallpapers and background images

ZUNE Artist background FIX - Windows Central Forums
    Apr 12, 2012 · Note; If you can't seem to get the background working Download a peice of software called "Zune Social Tagger" It basicly tags all your Artists with the corret Information. :) Thats the PC, told you it was simple :) Next.. How to get Artist Backgrounds on WP7 Devices. Its pretty simple Basically erase the device >Settings >About Phone >Reset Phone

Zune HD - Artist bios and pictures are down : Zune
    Sep 25, 2008 · I've synced my Zune HD today and all of the background artist images, bios and discography have finally disappeared. The album info is no longer linked to the marketplace. Zune Social Tagger confirms that 'the market place is not available in your region'. Presumably the location this data is pulled from has been 'switched off'.

Zune background art? - Windows Central Forums
    Feb 26, 2012 · Hi all I currently own a Samsung Omnia 7. I also own a Zune HD. I knew from beforehand that the zune player updates metadata information automatically to provide us with those gorgeous background artist displays. The problem? My WP7 doesn't. Atleast till now. I haven't had it for a long time, maybe just a week, and was hoping that sooner or later it will all turn up, but zilch till now!

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