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Artist pictures on Zune background - Microsoft Community
    Mar 10, 2012 · Zune has to recognize the artist and be able to link the song to the music marketplace. You can turn this feature on by going to Settings>Software>Metadata and ratings in the Zune software and turning on "Automatically retrieve and update album art. But I don't like turning that on because the Zune marketplace messes up a lot of my tags.

Zune Artist Background Image - Solution XDA Developers ...
    Mar 17, 2011 · And no results. However now my Zune software DOES connect to the marketplace (music and all), whereas originally it was just videos and apps. My zune software now works fine and when in 'now playing' mode it shows the graphic visualization of the artist (ie fleetwood mac has images of them and the stats of song plays etc, same with bee gees).

Zune Journey — The Zune software backgrounds with corrected...
    The Zune software backgrounds with corrected levels (so you can see what the original image looked like) 1.5M ratings 277k ratings

    zune originals (2007) (480x710) zune originals (2008)

ZUNE Artist background FIX - Windows Central Forums
    Apr 12, 2012 · Note; If you can't seem to get the background working Download a peice of software called "Zune Social Tagger" It basicly tags all your Artists with the corret Information. :) Thats the PC, told you it was simple :) Next.. How to get Artist Backgrounds on WP7 Devices. Its pretty simple Basically erase the device >Settings >About Phone >Reset Phone

How to add artist info and background pictures for zune hd ...
    Aug 01, 2010 · However, if you download from Zune Software OR any other LEGAL music source, it will get artist info and background pictures. Source(s): Personal Experience, Also, I have a Zune …

Artist backgrounds : Zune
    The artist backgrounds are a feature I love from Windows Phone, and Zune looked like it one-upped it with a screensaver that features them too! I read through some posts here detailing how to create your own artist backgrounds via ZuneConsole, but in my ZuneStore.sdf I cannot find valid UUIDs for the artists I have in my library.

How to Change Zune Software Background - YouTube
    I learned how to do this from Tutorial to show you how to change your zune software backgroundLink for Resource Hacker: http://w...

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