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Francesco Zucco - Wikipedia
    Francesco Zucco ( Italian pronunciation: [franˈtʃesko dˈdzukko; tˈtsukko], c.1570 – May 3, 1627) was an Italian painter. Zucco was born in Bergamo. The year of his birth is uncertain, but is known to be no later than 1575.

Aurelio Zucco Art
    Aurelio Zucco is a New York based photographer/digital artist whose interests include everything from nature and landscape photography to digital art and abstract photography. Thanks to social media, his photographs and digital artwork have garnered international attention and thousands of people from all over the United States, Europe and beyond continue to discover his work on an annual basis.Home Country: NY

James Zucco
    James Zucco. Cart 0. art shop illustration Mindhunter NYT Magazine California Sunday L'instant même L'ulcera Del Signor Wilson J.V. Reid Passage Between art direction contact. After working for years as an art director in advertising, James shifted his focus to fine art. He now spends his days in the studio — drawing, painting and thinking.

about us Zucco Fine Art Gallery
    Thank you for visiting The Zucco Fine Art Gallery. The creation of this online gallery originated from a desire to share a unique collection of art work from three generations of painters from one family. This exceptional collection presents images from as early as the 1920’s till present day. Weston “Morley” Geety (1902-1967) was my great uncle. You will see from this collection a precise American style …

Artist Paintings Product Categories Zucco Fine Art Gallery
    Artwork By: Kitty Zucco $325 Add to cart; A PAIR OF BOOTS Artwork By: Jennifer Ann Zucco $275 Add to cart; A PERFECT BEACH DAY Artwork By: Kitty Zucco $375 Add to cart; A REMOTE BEACH Artwork By: Kitty Zucco $325 Add to cart; A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT Artwork By: Kitty Zucco $300 Add to cart; A VISION IN PINK Artwork By: Kitty Zucco $400 Add to ...

Jennifer Ann Zucco Zucco Fine Art Gallery
    Jennifer Ann Zucco (1950 – 2006) Connecticut Impressionist Painter: An Impressionist painter of intimate marine landscapes, timeless still life’s and gardens, and genteel figurative paintings. Jennifer Ann Zucco, daughter of Kitty and Ray Zucco, was a gifted artist, designer, florist and gardener.

Artist Biography Zucco Fine Art Gallery
    Search for: Menu; Home; Galleries. Seascapes; Landscape; Floral and Still Life

Aurelio Zucco Artwork Collection: Abstract - Fine Art America
    Browse through images in Aurelio Zucco's Abstract collection. Abstract photography and digital artwork by Aurelio Zucco.

Art Exhibition Zucco Fine Art Gallery
    The Zucco Fine Art Gallery is proud to host their first art exhibit with a special lifetime collection of paintings by artist Kitty Zucco. Born and raised in Fairfield County Connecticut Kitty’s paintings reflect a genuine understanding and admiration of Connecticut’s coastline and landscape.

BISTRO Zucco Fine Art Gallery
    Product Description. BISTRO (2009) BY KITTY ZUCCO 16 X 20 INCHES ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING ON CANVAS FRAME: Omega Gold Leaf Gallery Frame 36, 40, 56, JFM 1201 NOTE CARDS: 8 Hand Printed Note Cards of this image Art Definitions: Gouache; Giclee; Printmaking

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