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Anders Zorn Biography Life, Paintings, Influence on Art ...
    Anders Zorn is one of Sweden's' internationally best known artists. His fame abroad is founded mostly on his portraiture where he had the ability to capture the character and the personality of the depicted person. But also his graphic work, where he is among the most talented of all times, is well-known.

Anders Zorn Paintings, Prints & Posters
    The self-proclaimed king of Swedish art, Anders Zorn rose to prominence during his own lifetime to become one of the most famous artists in the world. Here we examine his legacy and also tackle each of the mediums in which he was involved, one by one.

Anders Zorn - - Visual Art Encyclopedia
    Emma Lamm in a straw hat Anders Zorn • 1881 Portrait of Fru Lisen Samson, nee Hirsch, Arranging Flowers at a Window Anders Zorn • 1881 Stockholm Anders Zorn • 1881

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