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Zoran Todorovic Exhibitions
    Zoran Todorovic 1965 – Born in Belgrade, YU. 2017 – Associate Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade, RS 2006 – Docent at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade, SCG.

Zoran Todorovic Panoramas
    EN: “Several panoramas for one phenomenology of the irrational” is a series of applications for mobile devices which can be downloaded here and watched in indicated museums and galleries of contemporary art in the countries of the former Yugoslavia. The content of the application consists of the performance of the text in a form of a radio-drama with a respective video /augmented reality ...

Zoran Todorovic Bark
    EN: Application for smartphones with which you can see Bark, an audio-visual installation in which elements of the form of the work of art Several Panoramas for One Phenomenology of the Irrational by Zoran Todorovic, create a work entitled Bark, whose guidance is the element of form of the work of art Treason and Form: Reflection on Art and ...2.1/5(12)

Zoran Todorovic Performance Art in Eastern Europe
    When I walked into Zoran Todorovic’s studio, the first image of his work that he showed me was of his stomach. Covered by surgical sheets, only one area of his stomach was exposed. It was sliced open, and a layer of fat was being removed. From a drawer, he took out a bar of glycerine…

    TENOR, Zoran Todorovich has won international recognition in the liricospinto and has appeared in leading theaters

Zoran Todorovic Warmth
    Exchange . Alix Bizet & Aleksandra Lalic & Zoran Todorovic – hair_dress . . Developing her own project of identity mapping of the different ethnical communities in London, the artist Alix Bizet came to a manual process of human hair felting, which served to produce the material for the jacket destined to the artist Zoran Todorovic, while on the other side, the fashion ...

Art-3000: Artist Zoran Todorovic
    Zoran Todorovic. Send an e-mail. All Artist's Artworks. Browse by art form: Painting Photography Drawing Graphics / Illustration. Browse by style: Abstract Cubism Expressionism Fauvism Impressionism Pop Art Primitive Realism Surrealism. Browse by genre: Animals Composition Fantasy Figurative Landscape Nature Portrait Still life Nudes. Browse ...

serbian artists zoran todorovic and katarina zdjelar
    zoran todorovic was born in belgrade in 1965. he obtained a BA degree in painting, from the faculty of fine arts, belgrade. he lives and works in belgrade. image courtesy of katarina zdjelar

Zoran Todorovich - Home Facebook
    Zoran Todorovich. 1,458 likes · 1 talking about this. Zoran Todorovich began his musical and vocal studies in his native Belgrade and then completed them at the Hochschule fuer Music in Frankfurt.

Zoran Todorovic Agalma
    Agalma. Performance/Action . Realized between 2003 and 2005. Series of events which involve soaps made of artist’s skin and fat. Besides soap, the installation involves exhibiting of photo and video documentation that explains the origin and the process of preparation of the soap, as well as corresponding supplies for washing one’s body.

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