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William Zorach Smithsonian American Art Museum
    Zorach’s stone and wood carvings and his work in plaster and terra cotta are stylistically rooted in Egyptian, Greek, and, to some degree, in primitive art. His family members were frequent subjects, as were the family pets, and much of Zorach’s art explores nuances of human emotion.Born: Feb 28, 1889

The Art of William Zorach — The Zorach Collection
    Bill Zorach was born in Lithuania in 1887, emigrated to the United States when he was four not knowing a word of English, grew up in poverty, and left school in seventh grade. He then worked unsuccessfully in a variety of low-paid, entry-level jobs.

The Art of Marguerite Zorach — The Zorach Collection
    “...the work of Marguerite an idea of the world we live in, recomposed into a kaleidoscopic pattern of form and color by an extremely sensitive and artistic mind…” — …

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