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Zoja Trofimiuk Saatchi Art
    Zoja Trofimiuk is a glass practitioner who is familiar with all kinds of glass methods. Her artistic profile and potential in glass is quite unique and means that her work clearly "˜stands out from the crowd'. prof. Sylva Petrova PhDr Sculptor and printmaker, born in Prague, lives and works in Melbourne.

Zoja Trofimiuk Art
    But it was not until Zoja Trofimiuk emigrated with her husband and son to Australia that she became interested in glass studies, creating glass sculptures of her own. In the 1970s, still a Czech citizen, she graduated from one of the best European university-type art institutes – the Academy of Fine Art in Cracow, Poland and gained... more

Zoja Trofimiuk - Artmajeur The Art Marketplace
    Zoja Trofimiuk - Buy Zoja Trofimiuk's latest works on Artmajeur. Browse all the latest artworks by contemporary artist Zoja Trofimiuk, buy risk-free with guaranteed …

Zoja Trofimiuk Contemporary Artist
    Zoja Trofimiuk a Contemporary Sculptor, Artist with an artist studio in Melbourne, Australia exhibiting art for sale online.

Artist News Zoja Trofimiuk
    All the latest news from contemporary artist Zoja Trofimiuk. Browse all the latest artworks by contemporary artist Zoja Trofimiuk, buy risk-free with guaranteed …

Zoja Trofimiuk. 1952-. Australia - Prices of Art at Auction
    Learn more about the artist. This artist is listed in the following standard biographical references: Germaine, Max. A Dictionary of Women Artists of Australia. Craftsman House, Sydney, 1991. Page 446; Works by Zoja Trofimiuk held in public galleries. You must be a subscriber and logged in to view full list with number of works.

Zoja Trofimiuk @ artavita
    A free online gallery where artists can connect, see and be seen, while staying current on events, exhibitions and opportunities to share their work. Zoja Trofimiuk @ artavita Invite Friends

Zoja Trofimiuk - Please let me know, what is the latest ...
    Art Gallery. Australian Prints + Printmaking. Arts & Humanities Website. PG Printmaker Gallery. Art Gallery. Melbourne Etching Supplies. Arts & Crafts Store. The Art Vault. Art Gallery. Silk Cut Lino. Arts & Crafts Store. Lancaster Press. ... ‎ Zoja Trofimiuk ...

Zoja Trofimiuk Art For Sale - 0 Listings
    Zoja Trofimiuk Art For Sale - 0 Listings

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