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Ziv Television Programs - The TV IV
    28 rows · United Artists purchased Ziv in 1960 and merged its operations into United Artists …Dissolved: 1962 (merged into United Artists Television)

Ziv Company - Wikipedia
    In March 1960, United Artists bought Ziv Television Programs, Inc. for $20,750,000. That amount included a combined $6,750,000 in installment notes and debentures and UA's assumption of approximately $14,000,000 in debt. About eight months prior to UA's purchase, two investment firms – F. Eberstadt & Co. and Lazard Freres & Co. – had ...Founded: 1937

Frederick Ziv - Wikipedia
    In 1960, Ziv sold 80% of his company to a group of investors and sold his own TV production subsidiary to United Artists renaming Ziv-United Artists, leaving the board of directors when United Artists decided to phase out Ziv Television Programs and reorganize as United Artists Television two years later. Later years

United Artists Television - Wikipedia
    United Artists Television was an American television production/distribution studio of United Artists Corporation that was formed on New Year's Day, 1958. The company is remembered for producing series such as This Man Dawson, World of Giants, Stoney Burke, The Outer Limits, Gilligan's Island, My Mother the Car, The Fugitive, The Rat Patrol, thirtysomething, The New Phil Silvers Show, The Patty Duke Show and The Pink Panther Show. …Fate: Folded into MGM/UA Entertainment Co. Television

Ziv Television Programs Logopedia Fandom
    Ziv-United Artists Inc. 1960–1962. For other related logos and images see: Ziv Television Programs/Other. Ziv Television Programs. United Artists Television.

United Artists Television - The TV IV
    With the UA purchase, AAP was renamed United Artists Associated (UAA) and became the distribution division of UATV. In 1960, UATV bought and merged Ziv Television Programs, a television syndicator and production company, leading to a name change for the merged company to Ziv-United Artists. Despite the merger, Ziv-United Artists, like when it was UATV, did not have much success with its …

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