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Killer T Lyrics, Songs, and Albums Genius
    About Killer T Killer T, is a Zimbabwean born and award winning Zimdancehall artists based in Mbare. Killer T rose to fame with his popular song Makarova Ganaz (Shona & colloquial for You beat up a...

Killer T - Makangamandikanganwa Album Zimdancehall 2018 ...
    Artist : Killer T Makangamandikanganwa Singles Collection Zimdancehall 2018. Download : Alternative Link (90mb).zip. Tracklist 01 Killer T – Ndiyamureyiwo Prod By Cymplex 02 Killer T – Munamato 03 Killer T – Huya Tiende 04 Killer T – Gore Nyuwani Prod. By Cymplex Music

Killer T releases ‘Mboko’ video! - ZiMetro News
    Killer T is amongst some of the best Zim dancehall artists in Zimbabwe. His songs are said to have substance and mature lyrics unlike those of fellowship Zim dancehall artists. He has released songs such as Ndabuda,Hondo and Mai vangu varozvi. Killer T - Baba Vako Imboko (Official Video)

Top Zimdancehall songs of 2020 Music In Africa
    Like Freeman on ‘Miridzo’, Killer T does not employ the Zimdancehall sound on ‘Hazvigone’. His voice in the song is a constant reminder that he hasn’t run away from his Zimdancehall fans. The video for the song was released in February and is approaching the million mark. Killer T - Hazvigone (Official Video)

Top 10 Zim Dancehall Artists - Youth Village Zimbabwe
    Killer T The ‘po po po’ artist has taken the whole game by storm. He has been releasing hit after hit from Tirikumhanya to Makarova Gunners the chanter is showing no signs of slowing down. He is very popular in watering holes, public transport and hair salons.

Killer T girlfriend’s death linked to rival suitor ...
    THE family of dancehall sensation Killer T’s girlfriend, Mitchell Kambanga, is still in shock following her tragic death in a horror crash last week, NewsDay has established.

15 Talented ZimDancehall artists who never really blew up ...
    15 Talented ZimDancehall artists who never really blew up ZimDancehall still remains the most popular music genre in Zimbabwe despite the declining momentum. It has seen the birth of new music stars, one hit wonders, a few managed to maintain their consistency and remain relevant to date.

Question - Who Is The Best Zimdancehall Artist? TGM ...
    No one ever said Enzo Ishall and many of those new Zimdancehall artists don't have hits it's just that they aren't classics. It's stuff which is here today for a little while and gone before you know it.

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