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Our Sculptors – Stone Dynamics Gallery
    Our Sculptors – Stone Dynamics Gallery. Benhura, Dominic. Chatsama, Shadu. Chiwaridzo, Ernest. Gutsa, John. Kamhiriri, Cosmos.

Stone Dynamics Gallery – Authentic Zimbabwe Stone Sculpture
    Contemporary Zimbabwe Stone Sculpture has its roots in the 1950’s when Frank McEwen, the first Director of the Zimbabwe National Gallery, started an art workshop. McEwen was impressed by the exciting and uninhibited work produced by the artists and encouraged them to try sculpting with stone, while teaching them the value of artistic integrity. The results were astounding and instantly drew …

Artists – ZimSculpt
    Aron Kapembeza is one of Zimbabwes successful and most represented artists. Born in 1982, he is primarily a self-taught sculptor. His artistic talent was evident at an early age of 18 and through perseverance and dedication; he is one of Zimbabwes leading springstone sculptors.

Shona Stone Sculpture From Zimbabwean Shona Artist Moyo ...
    Shona Stone Sculptures. Notify us if you want a similar sculpture. Each sculpture is individual and one of a kind. Type of Stone: Green Opal Dimensions: 30 x 9 x 8 inches GIVEMORE MASHAYA Givemore was born in 1982 in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe....

Guruve - specialists in Shona sculpture from Zimbabwe
    Guruve promotes the very best in contemporary African art, with an extensive collection of authentic original African art and sculpture in our online gallery. Guruve are specialists and experts in contemporary stone sculpture from the Shona sculpture art movement of Zimbabwe. Our web gallery is the international hub for the secondary market in works by the most famous names of this art …

SHONA SCULPTURE hemingwaygallery
    ABOUT SHONA SCULPTURE. Shona Sculpture from Zimbabwe is one of the main focuses of Hemingway Gallery, which was the first gallery to import the monumental stone sculpture to the United States. Brian Gaisford grew up with the Shona artists in Zimbabwe before 1975. Zimbabwe is the only African country with large amounts of carvable stone.

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