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Zia Pueblo Pottery - Adobe Gallery, Santa Fe
    Southwest Indian Zia Pueblo Pottery and Fine Art . Zia Pueblo has a long and beautiful history of producing some of the most exquisite pottery before the 20th century. In the periods before 1900, Zia pottery exhibited intricate and magnificent designs such as …

Velino Shije Herrera Smithsonian American Art Museum
    Another Pueblo artist described Herrera (Zia Pueblo), also known by this Indian name of Ma Pe Wi, as the “ singing artist” because as he drew, Herrera would sing songs …Born: Oct 22, 1902

Zia Historic Pueblo Pottery Medicine Man Gallery
    Potters at the Zia Pueblo of New Mexico have been making pottery since the 1700s, with several distinct design and form types emerging throughout the years. During what is known as the Trios Polychrome period (1820-1860), Zia potters were creating …

Zia Pueblo Indian Pottery - Palms Trading Company
    The Zia sun symbol does make its appearance on some pottery, but Zia Pueblo artists are more commonly known to use the “sky band” and Zia bird designs. The “sky band” is a broad arcing ribbon of color that often frames more intricate patterns. The Zia bird is a large-eyed bird with wings upraised and a two- or three-pronged tail.

Zia – Indian Pueblo Store
    Artists of Zia are known for producing beautiful traditional work, especially their handmade pottery. Their redware and polychrome pottery often features designs painted in brown or black and the bird motif that is a signature element of Zia pottery. Zia artists are also known for painting, as well as traditional weaving, carving and basketry.

Zia Pueblo Pottery - Elmore Indian Art
    Zia Pottery. North of the Jemez river and west of Albuquerque is the pueblo of Zia. Famous for their large storage jars and huge dough bowls, Zia pottery is distinct from its neighboring pueblos because it is made with clay that fires to a rich red tone and comes in a variety of styles including polychrome on a white slip and polychrome on a orange slip.

Pottery Collector's Guide – Indian Pueblo Store
    With so few Isleta artists creating pottery using natural clay and traditional methods, any piece is a rare and valuable work of art. Explore More From Isleta Pueblo > Jemez Pottery. Jemez Pueblo potters are known for their artistry and innovation, with many artists producing premium handcrafted vessels in traditional and contemporary styles.

Zia Pueblo
    The Zia Pueblo, situated atop a basalt mesa in north-central New Mexico, is comprised of Keresan-speaking Indians who have continuously occupied the site since the 13th century. Over 600 years old, Zía Pueblo has two plazas, each with a kiva, surrounded by one and two-story traditional dwellings of native rock surfaced with mud.

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