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Zhu Hong
    Nouveauté de l'atelier : le Dessin d'eau dessin d'eau Amstel1121 (et détail), 2020, crayon de couleur, acrylique sur papier, 90x138,5 cm

Zhu Hong - Ode To Art Singapore Contemporary Art Gallery ...,Zhu%20Hong
    Born in China and having graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture, Zhu Hong started his career as an interior and events designer and has been living in Singapore for the past 16 years. Over the last decade, he has established himself as a significant watercolor artist and more recently, a digital artist via his touchscreen mobile phone.

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    Zhu Hong. Bio Singaporean, b. 1969. Followers 24. Following. Follow. Overview. Works for sale (19) Auction results. Notable Works. View all works. Skip to end of content ... Discover, buy, and sell art by the world’s leading artists. To download, scan this code with your phone’s camera. About us. About Jobs Press Contact. Resources.Nationality: Singaporean

    Zhu Hong is born in 1969, China. He graduated with Bachelor of Architecture in China. In 1997, Zhu Hong came to Singapore as an interior and architecture designer, and officially became a Singapore Citizen in 2006. He is currently one of the renowned local artist in Singapore and is a member in Singapore Watercolor Society.

Zhu Hong – YangGallery
    As an artist, Zhu Hong is actively involved in the local arts scene. Apart from being a member of the Singapore Watercolour Society, he also helps the committee for the Federation of Art Societies. Zhu Hong demonstrated tremendous interest and potential in art since he was a child.Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins

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    Find the latest shows, biography, and artworks for sale by Zhu Hong

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    Zhu Hong Possessing a Bachelor of Architecture, Zhu Hong was born in 1969 in China. He came to Singapore as an interior and architectural designer in 1997, and officially became a Singapore citizen in 2006. A member of the Singapore Watercolour Society, he is a prominent figure in the local art scene.

Zhu Hong Street Scenes of Singapore - Art Gallery in ...
    Zhu Hong is an architect turned full-time artist. His knowledge and passion for architecture is evident in his oil paintings of cosmopolitan life. Zhu Hong’s expressive brushstrokes and dynamic angles playfully distorts architectural elements. Along with his vibrant colours, …

Hong Zhu An - 100 Artworks, Bio & Shows on Artsy
    In keeping with Chinese artistic tradition, passages of calligraphy are an integral part of many of Hong’s works. He often plays with the placement of text, giving his compositions a contemporary feel. For Hong, art-making is a form of energy transference—from the artist to …Nationality: Singaporean

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