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Zhong Biao artist statement - Art Scene China ...
    Statement by Zhong Biao . I like to paint people in black and white because people are temporary - they will eventually leave the world and become the past. However, some buildings live longer than people; they continue to exist in the world.

Zhong Biao 钟彪 - 52 Artworks, Bio & Shows on Artsy
    Zhong Biao’s vivid, colorful paintings represent the experience of living through China’s rapid evolution from isolationism to an urbanized modern state. He works primarily with acrylic on raw canvas, blending realistic figures with surrealistic objects and abstract gestures. Zhong derives the dreamlike quality of his work from the multitude of unsettling juxtapositions of old and new in contemporary China.Nationality: Chinese

Hidden in the Depths of Reality Zhong Biao
    out through the painted canvas or you merely have a penchant for aesthetics, Biao is not to be missed. Zhong Biao stands today as one of the world’s most enigmatic and eminent Chinese artists. If this artist is not straight-forward, then he is profoundly entertaining. Biao’s popularity stands true through his vast body of work alone, and then

Zhong Biao Art Scene China
    Zhong Biao at Art Scene China. Zhong Biao is one of the most famous contemporary Chinese artists

Zhong Biao - Artists - Eli Klein Gallery
    Zhong Biao was born in 1968 in Chongqing, China, and graduated from the department of oil painting at the Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing, in 1991. With his compositional paintings, overlain with references of politics and society, Zhong Biao investigates Chinese culture and citizenship; tense interplay between body and object feature heavily in his works, usually against typical dystopian …

Zhong Biao
    Jun 22, 2011 · Here’s a piece by modern Chinese surrealist Zhong Biao. He mostly paints adult figures, but the occasional child slips into his work now and again. Zhong Biao – (Title Unknown)

Zhong Biao Biography – Zhong Biao on artnet
    Zhong Biao (Chinese, b.1968) was born in Chongqing, China. He studied at the Zhejiang Fine Arts Academy in Hangzhou, China, and graduated in 1987. Biao is well-known for his paintings, which depict cultural symbols and human figures that seem to defy time and space.

Zhong Biao: The Universe of Unreality MCLC Resource Center
    Zhong Biao (b. 1968) is a Sichuan artist born and raised in Chongqing. He is also currently a faculty member in the Department of Painting at the Sichuan Academy of Art, and owner (or lessee) of one of the largest studios in Blackbridge Art District in northeastern Beijing. Zhong Biao: The Universe of Unreality(Charta, 2013) is a work ostensibly about Zhong but is in fact at least co-authored if not largely composed by Zhong’s …

Zhong Biao 钟彪 - 49 Artworks for Sale on Artsy
    Find the latest shows, biography, and artworks for sale by Zhong Biao 钟彪. Zhong Biao’s vivid, colorful paintings represent the experience of living through C…

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