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Zhang Xiaogang - Artist - Saatchi Gallery
    Xiaogang’s figures, with their same-same appearance and expression, allude to a disturbing mass psychology. In My Dream: Little General Xiaogang’s image of a boy, dressed in military uniform and naked from the waist down, exemplifies the anxiety between public veneer and private vulnerability, official doctrine and personal conscience.

Zhang Xiaogang - 16 artworks - painting
    Zhang Xiaogang (simplified Chinese: 张晓刚; traditional Chinese: 張曉剛; pinyin: Zhāng Xiǎogāng; born in 1958) is a contemporary Chinese symbolist and surrealist painter. Paintings in his Bloodline series are predominantly monochromatic, stylized portraits of Chinese people, usually with large, dark-pupiled eyes, posed in a stiff manner deliberately reminiscent of family portraits ...Birth place: Kunming, Yunnan, China

Zhang Xiaogang: China’s most important painter & his ...
    Zhang Xiaogang – Tiananmen No. 1, 1993, oil on canvas, 98.6 x 128 cm (38 7/8 by 50 3/8 in.) Zhang Xiaogang – Tiananmen No. 3, 1993, oil on canvas, 100 x 129 cm. (39⅜ x 50¾ in.) Bloodline series What led to Zhang’s Blood Line Series. During the time of self-discovery, he stumbled upon his old family photos that changed his career path.

Zhang Xiaogang - 148 Artworks, Bio & Shows on Artsy
    Relying on memory to recreate a highly personal version of his country’s history, Zhang Xiaogang makes art that is as much about himself as it is about China’s past. The grim imaginary families in his “Bloodlines: The Big Family” paintings of the 1990s and his 2005–06 series of grisaille portraits in oil reveal countless narratives ...Nationality: Chinese

Zhang Xiaogang Artist Profile, Exhibitions & Artworks ...
    Zhang Xiaogang Biography. Zhang Xiaogang was born in 1958 in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province in southern China. When the Cultural Revolution began in 1966, Zhang was eight years old. At the age of 18, Zhang was sent to 'reeducation camp' to labor alongside peasants.

Zhang Xiaogang Paintings for Sale Value Guide Heritage ...
    How did painter Zhang Xiaogang get started? Zhang Xiaogang was born in 1958 to two government officials. His mother taught him how to draw to keep the young artist from getting into trouble. As a young teen, Xiaogang’s parents were taken away for three years during the cultural revolution for re-education.

Zhang Xiaogang - Works Exhibition by Artist of Oil Painting
    In 2000, he held a solo art exhibition entitled “Zhang Xiaogang 2000” at the Max Protetch Gallery in New York. In 2003, his work “Amnesia and Memory” was displayed at the Galerie de France in Paris. In 2004, Hong Kong Arts Center held an art exhibition entitled “Umbilical Cord of History: Paintings by Zhang Xiaogang…

(DOC) Zhang Xiaogang - Artist Anna-purna Srivastava ...
    Zhang Xiaogang Artist Born in 1958 China Emerged from the Avant-Garde movement of art, regarded as an artist who had broken new ground with a truly modern and post-modernist approach to art The importance of Zhang’s artworks lies in its cultural and intellectual values, challenging social occurrences of his past and present Zhang Xiaogang trained as an oil painter at the Sichuan Academy of ...

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