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Zhang Huan Biography – Zhang Huan on artnet
    Zhang Huan (Chinese, b.1965) is a performance artist, painter, photographer, and sculptor best known for performances that test his own physical and mental endurance, create symbolic self-portraits, and question the role of family and culture in shaping our way of thinking.Nationality: Chinese

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    Biography of Zhang Huan Zhang Huan was born into a farming family in Anyang City, Henan Province (Southern central China) and originally known as Zhang Dongming, a name meaning 'Eastern Brightness'. Zhang grew up knowing struggle, spending his first eight years living with his grandmother in the countryside in Tangyin County.Nationality: Chinese

Zhang Huan Chinese artist Britannica
    Zhang Huan, (born Jan. 3, 1965, Anyang, Henan province, China), Chinese artist known for both his early photographed performance art that often showcased his own naked body and for his later production of a great variety of large mass-produced objects.

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    Biography One of China's best-known performance and Conceptual artists, Zhang Huan's more recent work has consisted of sculptures and paintings that reference the history of his native China, from significant political, intellectual, and religious figures to anonymous portraits and landscape scenes.Nationality: Chinese

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    Zhang Huan Biography Zhang Huan is widely considered to be one of the most vital and influential contemporary artists working today. He was born in 1965 in a small town called Anyang in Henan Province just prior to the Cultural Revolution.

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    Zhang Huan is a Chinese artist known for his physical and psychological endurance performances in the 1990s. His recent work has featured sculptures and paintings that explore themes of memory and spirituality and how these relate to Buddhist practice. Zhang Huan was born in An Yang City, He Nan Province, China.

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    Nov 24, 2020 · Zhang Huan is a Chinese performance artist, painter, photographer, and sculptor. Perhaps best known for performances that test his own physical and mental endurance, Zhang creates symbolic self-portraits that question the role of family and culture in shaping contemporary life.Nationality: Chinese

Zhang Huan Pace Gallery
    Zhang Huan is one of the most vital, influential and provocative contemporary artists working today. The layers of ideas the artist explored in his early performance art, conceived of as existential explorations and social commentaries, have carried through to the more traditional studio practice he embraced upon moving to Shanghai in 2005, after living and working for eight years in New York ...

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    Zhang Huan will take the conservative world of classical opera and present it through the lens of a contemporary Chinese artist; this will be the first time ever that an artist has taken on the role of stage director for an opera. The story of Semele is adapted from Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

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