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Zhang Daqian Chinese painter Britannica
    Zhang Daqian, Wade-Giles romanization Chang Ta-ch’ien, (born May 10, 1899, Neijiang, Sichuan province, China—died April 2, 1983, Taipei, Taiwan), painter and collector who was one of the most internationally renowned Chinese artists of the 20th century. As a child, Zhang was encouraged by his family to pursue painting.

Zhang Daqian Art, Biography & Art for Sale Sotheby’s
    Chang Ta-ch'ien (Zhang Daqian) is one of the best-known and most prolific Chinese artists of the 20th century, as prized for his detailed portraits as he is for his splashed-ink landscapes.

Zhang Daqian Artnet
    Zhang Daqianwas a Chinese artist known for painting in traditional Eastern techniques while exploring the Western movements of Impressionism and Expressionism. His use of delicate brushstrokes and splashed color application, produced unique images of nature, as seen in his work Lotus(1963).Nationality: Chinese

Zhang Daqian: China’s most popular artist Christie's
    Zhang Daqian was born in 1899 in Sichuan province in the final years of China’s last dynasty, the Qing. The upheaval of the succeeding decades provided the young artist with both challenges and opportunities — he was able to see and experience much throughout the world, but he spent the second half of his life unable to return to his homeland.

Zhang Daqian
    Zhang Daqian Chinese ink-splashing painter and calligrapher, formerly known as Zhengquan, later renamed as Yan, with the word Jiyan, the name Daqian, and the alias Daqianjushi. Born at Neijiang City in Sichuan Province, Zhang Daqian studied painting with his mother and brothers at young age.

Meet Zhang Daqian, One of China's Greatest Artists ...
    Feb 08, 2020 · If one had to pick some of the best artists China has produced in the last 500 years, Zhang Daqian would certainly top the list for most people. A traditional Chinese painter in his early years, Zhang is renowned as an expressionist and impressionist painter. He is also thought of as one of the top master forgers of the past century.

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    Zhang Daqian was a Chinese Asian Modern & Contemporary artist who was born in 1899. Their work was featured in numerous exhibitions at key galleries and …Nationality: Chinese

Zhang Daqian Paintings for Sale Value Guide Heritage ...
    Zhang Daqian was a Chinese artist, painter, and renowned art forger. He is perhaps best known for his traditionalist paintings of the first half of his career, as well as his expressionist and impressionist paintings from the second half of his life. Daqian was known during his lifetime as an expert forger of some of the other Chinese masters.

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