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Zulkarnaen Othman (ZERO) LASALLE College of the Arts
    ZERO is one of the leading street artists who catalysed the second wave of graffiti art in Singapore. Grounded by a vision and belief that urban and graffiti art is coming into its own as a field, ZERO is a passionate advocate of research, archiving and documentation of the movement, particularly through his work with RSCLS.

Singapore Artist - Blue Lotus Zero
    His works reflect our contemporary society, thoughts, and space while meshing street and graffiti art. Zero is the only urban artist to have been part of “The Substation’s Associate Artists” program and was a nominee for the “President’s Young Talent” in 2005. …

6 Graffiti Artists In Singapore You Should Know
    May 08, 2019 · The Zinc Nite Crew’s founder – otherwise known as Rozaimie Sahbi – happens to be a pioneering graffiti writer who helped elevate the street art scene in Singapore in the late 1990s.Author: Cam Khalid

A graffiti by the artist 'Zero' shows the Indian movie ...
    A graffiti by the artist 'Zero' shows the Indian movie star Rajinikanth in Singapore, Singapore, 28 December 2018. While illegal graffiti sprayings are regarded as petty offence in many countries, in Singapore graffiti sprayers have to face harsh punishments such as prison or corporal punishment.

Graffiti artist wins national honour, Singapore News - AsiaOne
    Oct 25, 2013 · The full-time urban artist, also known as Zero, received the award from the Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Mr Lawrence Wong.

Artists in Singapore: These street graffiti artists are ...
    Founder of street art collective Zinc Nite Crew (ZNC) and co-owner of specialised graffiti store The Black Book, Rozaimie Sahbie is a full-time graffiti artist and art instructor. He is also part...

Addicted Art Gallery
    “We.Bomb.SAM (Singapore Art Museum)", 2006. And just like that Zero was a street artist inside a gallery, creating installations, transcending the idea that street art can only be on the street, and demonstrating that street artists are just artists, after all. Zero …

Meet The Few Graffiti Artists In Singapore
    Aug 08, 2017 · Comprised of two digital concept artists, 32-year-old Singaporean Muhammad Firdaus Mohd Noor and 28-year-old Indonesia-born, Singapore-based Anastasia Catharina, Studio Moonchild’s work is arresting and distinctive: bright and bold, cyber punk-meets-Studio Ghibli.

    Sep 21, 2006 · A recipient of the NATIONAL ARTS COUNCIL Young Artist Award for the year 2013, Mohammed Zulkarnaen Othman, commonly known by his artist moniker ZERO has been a practising artist since late 2003. His is an unconventional practice, opting to delve into the subculture norms of street art and graffiti. His notions of a street artist being a pseudo documentarist of contemporary urban life is reflected in his growth as an artist …

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