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    Zentangle Apprentice Designed to share the Zentangle method with a younger audience. This is the perfect way to be sure your school or organization gets the most out of the original Zentangle method developed by Rick and Maria.

About Zentangle® — Stephanie Jennifer
    Stephanie Jennifer is a Certified Zentangle Teacher based in Singapore and teaches the Zentangle® method to both adults and children (aged 7-years and above). Find out more here. art class for children Singapore. art class for adults singapore. art classes Singapor

What Is It? – Zentangle
    We believe that life is an art form and that each person is an artist. The Zentangle Method is an elegant metaphor and model for inspiring a deliberate artistry in life. For this reason, we deliberately do not include an eraser in our Zentangle Kit or use it as part of a Zentangle practice. We have no eraser in life, so why in a Zentangle Kit?

How Did It Start? – Zentangle
    Maria was using them in her art and design work and Rick was using them in analyzing the price movements of companies and commodities. This was a forecast of the aspect of Zentangle art which mirrors the geometric and fractal nature of the patterns found throughout creation.

About the Zentangle Method
    Savor this time as you discover and enjoy all that the Zentangle Method (and you!) have to offer. Explore this website, beginning with the links on the left. Take a Zentangle class with a Certified Zentangle Teacher. Create some Zentangle art and you will understand why we say, "Life is an art form and that each of us is an artist."

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Enthusiastic Artist
    Jan 28, 2021 · But if you have a group that's interested in learning Zentangle, please contact me. I have a variety of classes and workshops for groups, and I'm willing to travel. I currently live in Surrey BC (Canada), and can be contacted at margaret.bremner.artist(at)gmail(dot)com or 306.371.3735.

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