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Zenonesque Music & Artists Bandcamp
    See all artists, albums, and tracks tagged with "zenonesque" on Bandcamp.

What is Zenonesque? Dirty Hippy Studio
    What is Zenonesque? The Classic Zenon. With acts like Sensient, Tetrameth, ShadowFX, Krumelur and Minimal Criminal. Characterised by its... Techy Dubby, Glitchy. Artists such as Grouch and Tom Cosm then further investigated by Myself (Dirty Hippy), Evil Oil... Dark Prog. This is a style developed ...Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins

Psychedelic trance - Wikipedia
    Zenonesque . Zenonesque is a style of psytrance which is any psytrance that has characteristics of Zenon Records signature sound. It is often deep, dark ambient sounding with a lower tempo. It can include elements of techno. Relevant artists include Electrypnose, Kromagon, Ivort, Grouch, Tetrameth, and Shadow FX. Derivations PsybientCultural origins: Late 1990s, Goa, India

zenonesque – escapism
    Fabio also released a compilation on Zenon Records called “A Push Forward” featuring tracks from Ryanosaurus, Hefty, Florian MSK & Kliment, Electrypnose, Sensient, Hellquist, Hypogeo, Quantic Devices and Kromagon, some of his favorites artists in the label.

What exactly is Zenonesque? : psytrance
    At some point, this techno/trance/forest hybrid started branching off into the more tech-ish glitchy zenonesque style (Grouch, Tom Cosm, Evil Oil Man, Dirty Hippy etc.), the more agressive zenonesque dark prog style (Kromagon, Fungophago, Paracozm etc.) and the classic zenonesque techno style (Florian MSK, Occer, Niukid, Triforce etc.).

Psygressive Music & Artists Bandcamp
    zenonesque / dark progressive / psyprog / dark prog / dark psy / forestprog / forestpsy / parasomnia music / psychedelic trance / progressive trance / psytrance / darkpsy / progressive; psygressive highlights all psygressive releases ... by Various Artists. electronic

The Art Of Zenonesque Vol. 2 ( Zenon Records Selections ...
    Dec 12, 2018 · With much love for this Art, I mixed the entire Zenon Records Selection 2017 Album.Wait that you enjoy =DThanks very much to all _/\_The Art of Zenonesque Vo...Author: haxs

haxs - The Art Of Zenonesque Vol. 1 - YouTube
    Aug 19, 2018 · Set played in an amazing sunset at Butterflies Vale in Psychedelic Mountain in São Thomé Das Letras - Brazil. Great day, great night! Thank very much to all ...Author: haxs

Psytrance Guide
    Notable artists . Ajja, Avalon, Burn In Noise, Electric Universe, Laughing Buddha, Mad Tribe, Tristan

Artists: Illume Ektoplazm at Ektoplazm - Free Music ...
    Jan 30, 2018 · This first compilation features a collection of 12 carefully-selected Zenonesque tracks by; Shantam (India), Spunk (Germany), Weatherman (India), Kabi (South Africa), Phasenverschiebungen (Germany), Fungalam (India), Hefty (UK), Dar Kapo (India), Radioactive Cake (Germany), Quantize Tarantino (India), Illume (Australia), and Filt (Denmark).

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