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Zeng Xiaojun – Rasti Chinese Art
    Zeng Xiaojun Born 1954 One of China’s most esteemed and cultivated collectors of antiquities, Zeng Xiaojun graduated from the Central Art and Craft Academy of Fine Arts in 1981, where he was trained in Western draftsmanship and Chinese brushwork.

Zeng Xiaojun 曾小俊 East Asian Art Program at Harvard ...
    Trained at Central Art and Craft Academy in Beijing. Like Li Huayi, Zeng Xiaojun was drawn to the writhing, primordial forms of Chen Rong’s Nine Dragons. Zeng has reimagined the dragons in his new painting as aged, gnarled cypress trees, a favored subject of Zeng’s for many decades. Zeng is also an authority on classical Chinese furniture.

Zeng Xiaojun Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
    Zeng Xiaojun was also inspired by Nine Dragons. His response took a two-fold approach, illustrated by both a 32-foot-long scroll, Nine Trees, and a wooden screen featuring ink paintings of twisting cypress trees on one side and carved and lacquered dragons on the other.

Zeng Xiaojun Art Auction Results
    Zeng Xiaojun Chinese 1954 “..1953) was one of the first Chinese artists to emigrate to the United States in 1981 and is perhaps best known for his monumental landscape paintings in which land and water take the unexpected form of dynamic and chaotic flows or the shape of human figures..Nationality: Chinese

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