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What is Zen Art? An Introduction in 10 Japanese Masterpieces
    Dec 14, 2018 · Although Zen prizes simplicity, the art of Zen isn’t always minimalistic in style. Iconic artist Kano Sansetsu’s visual outputs were incredibly bold. His four sliding-door panel painting Old Plum (1646) was once part of Myoshinji temple’s sub-temple Tenshoin in Kyoto.Featuring the thick, black, twisting trunk of a plum tree, this work would have once been the backdrop to a Shoin Room, a ...Author: Lucy Dayman

    ” -Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance "Carefully kept accounts are a sine qua non for any organization. Without them it falls into disrepute. Without properly kept accounts it is impossible to maintain truth in its pristine purity" - Mohandas K. Gandhi, The …

Famous Zen Artists
    FAMOUS ZEN ARTISTS (click on each artist for a biography and examples of works) NANTEMBO: HAKUIN EKAKU (1685-1765) FUGAI EKUN (1 568-1654) DEIRYU (1895-1954) KASUMI BUNSHO (1905-1998) KOGAKU SOEN . GEMPO: MOKURAI (1854-1930) ROZAN EKO (1865-1944) ...

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