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Zeitgeist Duluth, Minnesota
    Zeitgeist employed a few local artists to help fill our community’s demand for face masks. Zeitgeist’s Community Mask Force program allows those who are financially able to purchase masks to do so, while providing mask donations to our community partners. LEARN MORE + PURCHASE

About Zeitgeist
    Zeitgeist is about enhancing and enriching the life of our community. We offer artists a venue to earn income from their work, and encourage them to be bold by offering them a venue free of censorship, judgment, or restriction. We support the local economy by committing to purchase from local farmers, businesses, and craftspeople.

Ward Schumaker — ZEITGEIST
    The artist prefers not to make statements about his work. Ward Schumaker has shown in New York, San Francisco, Shanghai, Berkeley, Los Angeles, Charleston, and Nashville. His work has been purchased by painter Eric Fischl; novelist Isabel Allende; news commentator Rachel Maddow; collector Martin Margulies of The Margulies Warehouse; and others.

Zeitgeist Flash Art
    Mar 14, 2016 · Combining the best of the American and German Neo-Expressionist painters, along with the Italian Transavantgarde painters, “Zeitgeist” gave the world the opportunity to witness an artistic tsunami of painterly possibility.

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