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Official ZED Wiki
    ZED is a story-driven video game by Myst artist Chuck Carter that tells the story of an artist grappling with dementia. Gameplay takes places across several "dreamscapes" where the player learns some details of the artist's life through narration and the collecting of various objects.

Characters - Official ZED Wiki
    There are a variety of characters in ZED. The Dreamer, the artist protagonist Mal, the Dreamer's lifelong friend Charlotte, the Dreamer's granddaughter Rose, the Dreamer's daughter Carolyn, the Dreamer's ex-wife John, the Dreamer's son Avery Frida Mal Picasso

Zedd discography - Wikipedia
    Original artist(s) Track "No Regrets" 2010 Arbre Blass SL Curtiz and Zedd Remix "Witch Doktor" Armand Van Helden "Nothin' on You" B.o.B "This Year" Dan Thomas "Facebook Love" David May Zedd Instrumental Remix Zedd Remix "Nasty" Erick Decks Zedd Dub Remix Zedd Vocal Remix "Weapon of Choice" Fatboy Slim "I Feel Untouched" FLX Zedd's Bigroom Remix ...Compilation albums: 1

Zed Wiki Fandom
    Welcome to the Zed Wiki ZED is an upcoming graphic puzzle adventure game developed by Eagre Games. The game was recently Kickstarter funded and is expected to release on Steam in 2017. A downloadable Demo is available.

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