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Introduction to ZBrush 2021 The Gnomon Workshop
    Introduction to ZBrush 2021 is the most comprehensive video training series available for Pixologic’s industry-leading digital-sculpting software. Taught by Madeleine Scott-Spencer, this 65-chapter workshop — with 51 hours of lessons — begins with a quickstart tutorial to get you up to speed, fast. It’s the perfect introduction for everyone from complete beginners to those simply looking to see what’s …

ZBrush — Ashcan Digital Art
    8 Weeks Course8 Classes8 Students per Class. In this course, students learn the basic functions of ZBrush Core and 3D modeling. Classes focus on sculpting from simplified forms to create polished 3D models, while learning several tools from Z-brush Core’s interface. All techniques learned throughout the course will be applied in a final project: modeling a creature or character.

ZClassroom Workshop - The Basics of ZBrushCore
    ZClassroom Workshop - The Basics of ZBrushCore Welcome to ZClassroom! If this is your first time using ZBrushCore, your first time coming to ZClassroom, or you just need to brush up on your ZBrush fundimentals, this is a perfect series to check out.

ZBrush Workshops – Digital Workshops for Artists CG Persia
    This workshop provides a complete look at ZBrush’s hard surface sculpting toolkit. We take?advantage?of powerful tools like Mesh Extraction, GroupsLoops and ZSketch as well the new planar brushes. Sculpting Realistic Skin & Scales Sculpting skin and scales is one of the most often requested workshops by ZBrush users.

ZBrush Workshops - Digital Workshops for Artists ...
    Sep 13, 2011 · Comprehensive Introduction to ZBrush 4 This workshop starts from the ground up and is perfect for beginners looking to get started in ZBrush as well as more advanced users who want to dive into the nuts and bolts of the program.You begin by learning how to navigate around the interface and slowly build up your sculpting skills.

The Gnomon Workshop Professional Artists Training with ...
    The Gnomon Workshop provides training that both educates and inspires for visual effects artists, concept designers, sculptors and comic book illustrators and traditional artists, using Maya, ZBrush, 3ds Max, Photoshop and Painter as well as traditional drawing and painting.

Pixologic :: Industry :: Education
    In the last several years ZBrush has become the essential tool for digital artists, needed in most productions and at all stages from the initial idea to a final product. Its many capabilities offer versatile and innovative tools , allowing artists to produce all kinds of creations without feeling like their talents are being limited by technical constraints .

3D Printing for ZBrush Artists - Mold3D Academy
    Aiman Akhtar is a 3D Artist who specializes in stylized character development for animation and 3D print design. After 6 years of working at various commercial studios in Chicago, for top brand clients including Harley-Davidson and, he left to pursue a career in entertainment design in Los Angeles and has since worked for Alliance, Method, Nickelodeon, Psyop, Stoopid Buddy Studios ...

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