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What is ZBrush: How It Works & What It's Used For
    But ZBrush changed all that by allowing artists to create their character designs with the full power of 3D sculpting start-to-finish. Now the artists can sculpt their ideal character in one program and work from there. Back years ago sculpting was once mostly used for fine-tuning a low-resolution model.

Stylized Character Design in Zbrush - Art Heroes
    Lesson 5: Organizing the file. We're doing all the hard surface modeling in Zbrush, too. Hard surface details of the stylized character we chose for the program are not limited to a weapon, so you will see a variety of hard surface elements covered. Week 5. Creating an Appealing Character.

ZBrush Character Mentorship - Art Heroes
    Character look and personality from different distances; Whether you are working on a female character or you're modeling a male character, you will know how to masterfully sculpt a face in Zbrush in a way that serves your character best.

ArtStation - Dynamic Male Anatomy for Artists in Zbrush ...
    Tutorials - Dynamic Male Anatomy for Artists in Zbrush, USD $12.99. Do you think sculpting Human anatomy is not your cup of tea ?Have you tried learning anatomy before but felt …

How to Create a 3D Game Character in ZBrush
    Bianca didn’t have a fine art background and knew very little about 3D modelling and sculpting in general. So, she started her journey a little confused, but very determined, to create her own compelling game character. We thank Bianca for taking the time to share with us how she created a 3D Game Character in ZBrush.

Best ZBrush Tutorials & Video Courses For Teaching Yourself
    With over 10 years experience artist Kyle Green teaches you how to pose characters from scratch in the ZBrush software. This course would be most useful for aspiring character designers but also relates to 3D animation and game design. Overall a fantastic course to work through if …

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