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Spotlight ZBrush Docs
    Spotlight SpotLight is a projection texturing system which allows you to prepare your source texture directly in ZBrush, then paint your model with it in 3D. It is similar in some ways to the ZBrush Stencil feature. You first need to load your textures using the Texture palette or Light Box.

Spotlight ZBrush Docs
    Spotlight Spotlight can be used to keep any number of reference images on screen while you sculpt or paint. You can simply position the images around your work area, or you can work with them with transparency so you can align the model and image while you work.

Pixologic :: ZBrush :: Features
    Spotlight The innovative SpotLight painting system enables image editing in ZBrush and then allows you to project the image to the surface of the model using the intuitive sculpting and painting brushes. SpotLight goes beyond being just a texturing tool. Imported images can be altered, layered, and precisely positioned.

ZBrush Beginner Series 02 : How to use SPOTLIGHT to load ...
    Jan 02, 2018 · #3DModeling #3DAnimationIn this second video in the ZBrush beginner series I will show you a simple trick that will allow you to use the Spotlight feature in...Author: Mike Hermes

How to use Spotlight in ZBrush – JAY VERSLUIS
    Aug 31, 2013 · Spotlight is Zbrush’s image editor. You can add images to Spotlight, then use them to “rub” them onto a 3D model. The interface is much different from other image editors, sporting a “dial” that serves as a selection and positioning tool. Here’s what it looks like:

How to Use Spotlight to Display Reference Images in ZBrush ...
    Aug 20, 2018 · Tip: Use SHIFT + Z to show and hide Spotlight. Once Spotlight is shown, press Z to display/hide the Spotlight wheel. Display the spotlight wheel, for example, to move or scale the image, then press Z again to hide the Spotlight dial and drop the image on the canvas, so you can go back to sculpting. Save and Load Spotlight configuration

Artist Spotlight: Hadi Karimi and his stunning 3D designs ...
    Artist Spotlight: Hadi Karimi and his stunning 3D designs by Gerardo Garciarios 27th February 2019 We are always excited to find new creators. Hadi Karimi is one of those rare talents that blows you away right from the start.

Working with Image References in ZBrush ZBrush Guides
    Select “Paint” from the spotlight wheel and paint your reference with pure black, ZBrush will interpret these black areas as transparent. If you have a uniform colour in the background you can select “paint” but instead of manually drawing/erasing the image you …

ZBrush Spotlight seems to be blocking all brushstrokes ...
    I'm using Zbrush 4r6. When I load up an image in Spotlight on the workspace then turn off the spotlight menu to go back to sculpting, I'm not able to sculpt or paint on my model. As soon as I disable spotlight, I'm able to manipulate the model as normal.

ZBrushCore :: 3D Starts Here ZBrushCore :: 3D Starts Here
    ZBrush Artist :: Shane Olson. Modeled to fit your creative needs. Whether your experience level is a lot or a little, ZBrushCore is so natural to use that it’s almost like modeling with actual clay – without the mess! (And with the ability to Undo!) Use ZBrushCore’s powerful toolset to create amazing details with ease, as well as paint ...

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