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    I am just back from a great visit to Ubisoft’s Toronto studio where I ran a two-day facial anatomy masterclass for throngs of their artists (animators, riggers, concept artists, and character artists), followed by a day of intense portraiture and facial expression sculpting in ZBrush for only the character artists. Over the three days we covered a lot of juicy facial anatomy stuff, all of ...

Scott Eaton
    Caffeinated Diversions, 50x archival prints, 21x15cm. People who know me know that drawing in essential to my creative process. Over the last couple years I have been using part of my morning drawing time (yes, with a coffee… or two, or three), to create input drawings to test my Bodies neural network, which I trained on a portion of my library.

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    zbrush; ABOUT – Scott Eaton is an artist, educator, and creative technologist residing in London, UK. His work explores the boundaries of figurative representation by combining traditional craft with contemporary digital tools. Scott got his masters degree from the MIT Media Lab and subsequently studied academic drawing and sculpture in ...

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    Scott Eaton / ManvsMachine. ... My job was to level up the artists’ facial anatomy and portrait sculpting skills. The workshop broke down into two days of facial anatomy lecture and two days of portrait sculpting in ZBrush. ... concept artist, character artists) and then finished with an intensive two-day portrait sculpting session in ZBrush ...

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    This week’s lessons show Scott’s approach to sculpting hair in ZBrush. They cover his tools and techniques for general hair sculpting, how ZSpheres/ZSketch can be used for hair, and also how the new DynaMesh features can be used to create interesting, complex styles.

Portrait of Scott Eaton by Ian Spriggs – zbrushtuts
    Mar 02, 2019 · Ian Spriggs is a 3D Character Artist from Vancouver, Canada. In this post you will see Portrait of Scott Eaton by Ian Spriggs. Ian did nearly all the workflow using GPU which allowed him to get fast results and more iterations.

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    This foundation course in ZBrush covers all the things artists needs to know to get started sculpting in ZBrush. This course is recommended for artists who are new to ZBrush and would like to enroll in the Digital Figure Sculpture course but don’t currently know ZBrush. If you are interested please join the mailing list or contact me here.. DURATION: Self-paced

Official ZBrush SUMMIT 2015 Presentation - Scott Eaton ...
    Oct 03, 2015 · Scott Eaton is an artist, character supervisor, and anatomy instructor living in London, UK. He is a classically trained sculptor who has been teaching anatomy to digital artists for over a decade....Author: Pixologic ZBrush

Zbrush Info: ZBrush Artists Of The Week: Scott Eaton ...
    Mar 7, 2016 - Zbrush Info: ZBrush Artists Of The Week: Scott Eaton

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