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Pixologic Interview - Rick Baker - ZBrush
    Rick Baker Six time Oscar winner, talks about his work, his perspective on the industry and ZBrush. It was a very enlightening conversation with a man who in Rick’s modest words is “good at what he does”. Rick is more than good at what he does.

Rick Baker ZBrush Docs
    One FiberMesh SubTool which is soft dark under-fur, and another which has longer, lighter, guard hairs. I used Mask By Cavity to create this mask. The model had a texture on it. This gives me a mask which will create a thin, even distribution of hairs. Again, erasing the mask where I don’t want hairs.

Pixologic :: ZBrush :: Features
    ZBrush Artist: Rick Baker Similarly, the UV unwrapping need not be fixed in advance. If one unwrapping proves unsatisfactory, simply create a different unwrapping and transfer the surface painting to that map. Removing UVs from your model frees up system resources and allows you to work with even more polygons!

10 Best by Rick Baker images zbrush, classic horror ...
    Legendary special effects artist Rick Baker is the undeniable king of Halloween with this steampunk reinterpretation of Frankenstein's Monster. The Monster is powered by an elaborate array of cyborg clockwork and brass fixtures now hold his stringy flesh in place.10 pins

25 Rick Baker Art ideas classic monsters, art, famous ...
    Monster Art: Rick Baker Another ZBrush masterpiece from Rick Baker! Award-winning special effects makeup artist Rick Baker recently created a 3D printed sculpture of an aged Popeye the Sailor Man on a MakerBot Replicator 225 pins

Pixologic :: Artist Interviews
    Interview with ZBrush Artists. Interview with ZBrush Artists. 3D SOFTWARE. ZBrush; ZBrush User Gallery; Industry Use Cases; Turntable Gallery; ZBrushCore; ZBrushCoreMini; STORE. Buy ZBrush; ... Rick Baker. Taron. William Lamberth. Zac Petroc. Sign up for our Monthly Newsletter; Purchase ZBrush at our online store or locate a retailer; Company ...

Artist Interviews - Pixologic : ZBrush
    ARTIST INTERVIEWS. Occasionally, Pixologic gets the opportunity to speak with industry leading professionals to learn more about how they use ZBrush in their workflow. Here you will find exclusive interviews giving you rare insight into the upper echelon of multiple industries utilizing ZBrush to improve their product, whether it be in film ...

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