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Zaolla Silverline
    Welcome to Zaolla SIlverline Made from 100% alien technology, Zaolla Silverline cables deliver a level of sound never before experienced. Relying on solid-silver conductors, premium components, and best-in-class manufacturing, Zaolla Silverline captures all that is out there.

Zaolla Cables - Shoreline Music
    To my ear, there is simply no better instrument cable than Zaolla. The engineers at Hosa (Zaolla's parent company) were tasked years ago with creating the best cable anywhere, and the result is the quickest, most transparent, most dynamic cable I've ever …

Zaolla Silverline Audio Cables #1 Choice for Willie Basse ...
    As a solo artist, Basse is very particular about his sound and, for the past 3+ years, has relied on Zaolla Silverline cables. He discussed what led him to Zaolla Silverline. “I’ve spent three quarters of my life dedicated to achieving a better sound,” Basse explained.Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins

The Advantage of Silver Cable Hosa
    Feb 23, 2021 · I use Zaolla Silverline for every single connection in my studio… In terms of sound quality, what I put in is exactly what I get out – the music sounds rich and full.” So, while a lone Zaolla guitar cable will make a noticeable difference, chances are other cables with copper or aluminum conductors are also part of the chain.Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins

Zaolla Cables instrument cords SOUNDISLANDMUSIC.COM
    So unlike copper that veritually all other cable manufacturers use, Zaolla's choice of silver as conductor material results in improved high-frequency transmission, greater headroom and audibly more overtone content. If you play a high-quality archtop guitar, bring out its inherent sound through a Zaolla cable.

Introducing the Artist 500 Guitar Cable (Guitarsite)
    Zaolla Silverline has introduced the Artist 500 guitar cable. In The Artist 500, Zaolla Silverline combines the legendary performance of the company's unique silver-core cable with a new plug—a silver-core version of the legendary Show Saver by G&H Industries.

Boutique Cables such as Zaolla...hype or worth it? - Gearslutz
    Jan 27, 2005 · Well, I just have to ad this. The other day, I accidentally plugged in a cable made by a company with a Monserously bad reputation, it was directional and made specifically for bass. The problem was I had a guitar plugged in and the cable was going the wrong way! Good thing I caught it in time, who knows what would have happened. heh

Guitar Cable Roundup, Part Two
    May 15, 2008 · Alleva~Coppolo Artist Cable Klotz La Grange Klotz T.M. Stevens "Funkmaster" Zaolla Silverline Artist Zaolla Silverline Standard Evidence Lyric HG Cables Tested in Part One: ProCo Lifelines Line Cable ProCo Lifelines Guitar Cable Planet Waves Circuit Breaker Planet Waves Custom Series Planet Waves Classic Series George L''s Prepackaged Cable ...

Audio Cables Compared and Recommended
    One interesting exception is the Zaolla Artist, which has resistance (2.34 ohms) about 10 x higher than most of the other cables! The whole point of the Zaolla is that it's made of silver, because silver is supposedly more conductive than copper.

Hosa Technology Japan - Home Facebook
    The Japanese official page of the high-end cable ′′ Zaolla (the ola)′′ produced by hosa has been renewed! Kazuya Yamaguchi's Youtube channel ′′ Celta ′′ and the interview of the zaolla cable artist ′′ five new old ′′ is available for various content! Zaolla Cable …

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