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Dear Zambia • View topic - Zambian Musicians in illuminate
    Here is the list of zambian artists and musicians who are in illuminate, ladies and gentlemen there is a difference between illuminate and satanism, so we won't count JK on this list. SLAP DEE -joined in 2011. MACKY 2 -also initiated his young brother chef 187. RUFF KID -is addicted to coffins and he don't sleep on the bed. BOBBY EAST -porn star.

The Zambian Analyst: Zambia’s Self Declared Satanist ...
    In a Christian nation like Zambia, it is not known how far Chisulu will go in practicing Satanism openly. A number of prominent foreign preachers and South African artist Zodwa Wabantu were denied entry in the country due to what the Ministry of Religious Affairs …

10 Music Stars Tied to Satanic Worship TheRichest
    Dubbed the “evil one” by Spin magazine, Trent Reznor is a rumored member of the Church of Satan. The NIN video for “Closer” received notoriety for its sacrilegious imagery, including a monkey hanging on a cross, and its demonic song lyrics. The video was produced by Mark Romanek, who is known for producing pop videos with demonic imagery. Reznor discovered, signed and co-produced ...

List of Zambians - Wikipedia
    This is a list of famous or notable Zambians, or people of Zambian descent, or people who have influenced Zambia listed in the following categories, and in no particular order: Contents 1 …

Celebrities involved in Satanism, who are they?
    In the creative work of Nicki Minaj are traced attributes of the satanic cult, she is accused of carrying out some rituals in public. Beyonce and her husband, Jay-Z, are also rumoured to be Satanists. Celebrities involved in Satanism, who are they?

Top 10 Famous Satanists - Top10HQ
    Satanism conjures up imagery of shady, otherworldly folk meeting in dark basements performing bizarre rituals. However, a surprising amount of people believe in its ideological beliefs as an alternative religious choice and you may be surprised to hear that some well-loved celebrities (as well as some more notorious names) have dabbled in the practice. 10. Sammy Davis Jr American entertainer ...

List of Famous Satanists, Pedophiles and Mind Controllers ...
    Satanists, mind controllers, torturers of children and adults. Lt Col Michael Aquino, US Military Psychological Warfare Department: Satanist (founder of the Church of Set), torturer of children and adults in trauma-based mind control projects. Kris Kristopherson, actor and singer. Works with Aquino.

Zambian Musicians To Look Out For In 2020 – ECHO
    List of Zambian musicians was First Published: 25 December 2018. Echo Music Blog introduces list of Zambian musicians you must know in the year 2020. Do you want to know the names of the most happening Zambian musicians, in charge of producing these songs?If yes, then patiently scroll down to see the full names of the most happening Zambian artist we have today in our country.

    Top 10 Richest Zambian Musicians – Ever since the beginning of time, music has always been a tool to control the mind, set the heart dangling at the resolution unpredictable and what son of man can never phantom. In every country, the music industry has always been a source of huge income to many and is one of the most profiting careers one can think of venturing into.

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