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    Amayenge is a popular Zambian music group. Started by Kris Chali in 1978 in Choma, the band was originally called New Crossbones.

Zambian Gospel Musicians In 2020 (Top 30 Gospel Artists)
    Jul 07, 2018 · This music leads the top spot of being a musician with most sales from Albums. Currently has 3 to selling album Mizu, Broken English & Become. 10. Racheal Nayangwe. Racheal Among the most prominent gospel artist in Zambia. Sensational powerful gospel …

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    Ephraim is a popular legendary Zambia musician, he specializes mainly in gospel music. His ranking as the 10th richest Zambian musicians is quite a shocking one because of his music specialty. He also doesn’t rely on the earnings he gets from his music alone like most Zambia artist, he invests in several businesses to double his income.

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