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Zach HARRIS - Artist - Perrotin
    Born in 1976 in Santa Rosa, California, USA Lives and works in Los Angeles, California, USA Zach Harris’s carved panel paintings unfold complex utopian and dystopian worlds. His psychedelic visions, which almost verge on abstraction, immerse viewers in the unfathomable depths of …

Zach Harris - Artist - David Kordansky Gallery
    Zach Harris The paintings of Zach Harris (b. 1976, Santa Rosa, California) are amalgams of mystical imagery, illusionistic patterning, and intricate figuration. They are among the most original objects produced under the rubric of contemporary painting.

Zach Harris Artist Profile, Exhibitions & Artworks Ocula
    Zach Harris’s syncretic art suggests timeless rituals, which, whether lost or prescient, have yet to be deciphered. Read More. Zach Harris’s work is included in the collections of the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA, the Marciano Art Foundation, Los Angeles, …

Zach Harris - 27 Artworks, Bio & Shows on Artsy
    Astral Projectors with Karma Cloud, 2018-2019. $32,000 Zodiac Calendar, 2017Gender: Male

Zach Harris Widewalls
    A contemporary American artist, Zach Harris is best known for his carved panel paintings that combine mystical imagery, illusionistic patterning, and intricate figuration. These works both honor and obscure the art histories that they draw from.

Zach Harris Artist Bio and Art for Sale Artspace
    Zach Harris’ artwork defies categorization, challenges cultural hierarchies of viewing, and cannot be easily identified with any particular era or style.

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