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    The American Asian Performing Arts Theatre (AAPAT) was created after sevens years of recovery, with goals to expand and exchange arts and culture between America and China. It evolved from the Asian Performing Arts Theatre, which was founded in 1993. A number of excellent young dancers, led and trained by Li Hengda, created this first ...

LCSD - Cultural Presentations Section ,‘Yang Xiaoyu plays ...
    Ticketing The two concerts will start with solo piece by Yang Xiaoyu, the renowned young Chinese violinist and concertmaster of the China National Centre for the Performing Arts Orchestra. The Red Violin Caprices for the first concert is composed by John Corigliano.

XiaoYu Vol.070: Xiao You Nai (小尤奈) (50 ảnh) High neck ...
    Jul 18, 2019 · Jul 18, 2019 - XiaoYu Vol.070: Xiao You Nai (小尤奈) (50 ảnh)

Peking Opera Festival
    Since its founding, the company has brought together a large number of outstanding performing artists and playwrights, directors, composers and stage artists, who enjoy a high reputation both at home and abroad, such as Li Shaochun, Yuan Shihai, Ye Shenlan, Du Jinfang, Ajia, Weng Ouhong and Fan Junhong and others.

List of awards and nominations received by Red Velvet ...
    This is a list of awards and nominations received by Red Velvet, a South Korean girl group formed in 2014 by SM Entertainment.After debuting with "Happiness" in August 2014, the group won several Rookie awards from award shows in their native country South Korea such as the Golden Disc Awards and Seoul Music Awards.They have since won multiple awards for their music, performances, …Nominations: 193

WAITING HEART -《紫玉成煙》Press%20Release_batch%202_Eng%20(final).pdf
    opera artists and the audience, The Legend ventures into new possibilities across multiple artistic disciplines while emphasizing the contemporary significance of traditional performing arts. Ever since their first encounter, when Li Yi picked up Xiaoyu’s hairpin by chance, the two have been destined to love while fighting against evil.

Lunar New Year 2021: A Virtual Celebration Asia Society
    Feb 22, 2021 · UPDATE (February 22, 2021): Due to last week's power outages in Houston and across Texas, we have rescheduled content and activities originally planned for February 19 in order to expand our final weekend of virtual Lunar New Year activities. Thank you for …

YANG Yuntao - Hong Kong Performing Arts Directory
    Artist. YANG Yuntao. Winner of two Hong Kong Dance Awards (2003, 2006) for his outstanding dance performance, and awarded Best Artist (Dance) at the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2009, Yang Yuntao is an accomplished dancer and choreographer. He joined the Hong Kong Dance Company (HKDC) in 2002 as Principal Dancer.

Latin American art History, Artists, Works, & Facts ...
    Latin American art, artistic traditions that developed in Mesoamerica, Central America, and South America after contact with the Spanish and the Portuguese beginning in 1492 and 1500, respectively, and continuing to the present. Read more about Latin America’s artists, movements, and media.

Welcome to Xiaoyu's personal web
    Chengjiang Long, Xiaoyu Wang, Gang Hua, Ming Yang, Yuanqing Lin. in Proc. 12th Asian Conf. on Computer Vision(ACCV'2014), (ACCV 2014) Intern project under my supervision, it achieves the best performnce on PASCAL VOC 2007 as well as KITTI object deteciton dataset.

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