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    CHEN Xiaoping was born in Mainland China and now resides in Canada. She studied watercolor and ceramics at the University of Mariana in 1997. Her work has been featured in private exhibitions and copies of her work have been chosen for art calendars, book illustrations, book covers, and even a set of collectable phone cards.

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    Follow Xiaoping Chen and explore their bibliography from's Xiaoping Chen Author Page.

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    Sep 21, 2018 · But inside the apartment, a soothing opposite — gentle Chinese music plays as painter Xiaoping Chen sits with legs folded on top of each other in effortless full lotus, emanating tranquility like a still pond. Chen’s studio in New York, where she blends Western technique with Eastern philosophy. Photo by Larry Da

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    Chen was an artist who refined and embraced his roots as he successfully introduced contemporary Chinese oil paintings to the western audience.

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    Chen Xiaoping works closely with Zhang Kunlun, bringing his original ideas to completion. The young artist used to specialize in watercolor and ceramics. After moving to Canada, she intended to devote herself to artistic undertakings.

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    The Art of Zhen-Shan-Ren (Truth-Compassion-Forbearance) consists of works from internationally acclaimed artists and includes award winning pieces from the NTDTV International Figure Painting Competition. The exhibition has toured over 900 cities in 50 countries worldwide. ... Xiaoping Chen, Xiqiang Dong, & Tingyin Shi. Fulfilling Vows.

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    Xiaoping Chen. The Art of Zhen Shan Ren Meet the Artists. The Art of Truth, Compassion, Tolerance consists of works from over twelve artists. Their backgrounds are varied and diverse in terms of professional experience, artistic styles and cultural upbringing. What they have in common in their practice of Falun Gong is united in an effort to ...

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    In 1980, Chen became the first artist of his generation to travel to America. Discovered by Armand Hammer in 1981, Chen had his first U.S. exhibition at Hammer Galleries in 1983. Coincidentally, this was the same year that Howard Shaw, Hammer Galleries’ Director, began his career at Hammer Galleries.

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    Jimmy Pike and Xiaoping Zhou One of the most important artistic influences and partners Mr Zhou had during those early years was Aboriginal artist Jimmy Pike. Their work gave birth to a series of artworks that were exhibited in China in 1996. Those were among the first Aboriginal artworks introduced to …

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    Nov 06, 2014 · Chen Yifei (1946-2005) was a prominent Chinese painter and one of the key artist 'responsible' for the development of Chinese oil painting. Yifei is widely known for his exceptional realistic portraits of traditionally dressed melancholic Chinese women and mesmerizing landscapes of the Chinese countryside.

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