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Xenia Hausner - The Bennett Art Collection » Auto Draft
    Artist Statement "In my work I don’t present clear solutions, the situations are deliberately ambivalent and show fragments of a larger story. There is the fiction of these works that makes it possible for me to apprehend underlying truths and reveal them visually." Biography. Xenia Hausner was born in …

A Retrospective of Xenia Hausner's Cinematic, Electrically ...
    Mar 01, 2021 · Xenia Hausner, Exiles (2017). Courtesy of the artist. Photograph by Stefan Liewehr. Xenia Hausner’s vividly hued paintings have the feel of cinematic snapshots: a …

    XENIA HAUSNER talking to Günther Oberhollenzer . On 10 August 2012, during the preparations for the exhibition, Günther Oberhollenzer, curator at the Essl Museum, met the artist Xenia Hausner. The interview took place in Traunkirchen in Upper Austria where Hausner had rented a large workshop to work on the more than 8 m long painting Im ...

Xenia Hausner. True Lies « The Albertina Museum Vienna
    This ALBERTINA Museum exhibition presents one of the most important Austrian painters of our time. Its main focus is on Xenia Hausner’s practice of staging, by virtue of which her oeuvre truly stands apart. For her paintings, Hausner fist constructs spatial settings in her studio ahead of time and then photographs them.

Xenia Hausner - 25 Artworks, Bio & Shows on Artsy
    Xenia Hausner merges representations of life and character with the theatrical, painting large-scale figures in bold, expressionistic color set against flat, patterned backdrops, as well as scenes of heightened emotion and catastrophe. A former set designer, Hausner created over 100 sets for theater, opera, and film over the course of her career, before moving to Berlin in the 1990s to work full-time on …

Xenia Hausner Artnet
    Dec 09, 2020 · Xenia Hausner is a contemporary Austrian artist known for her dynamically patterned, full-scale paintings of women. Using oil and acrylic paints on dibond—an aluminum composite material—she combines Expressionist and realist practices, similar to the style of …

    Jan 23, 2021 · Xenia Hausner is one of the most important Austrian woman artists of our time. This lavishly illustrated volume focuses on the aspect of stagecraft that characterizes all her works. Hausner, who previously worked as a set designer, constructs three-dimensional settings for her pictures in her studio before she begins painting.

Xenia Hausner - buying and selling original art W&K gallery
    Xenia Hausner grew up in an artist-family. Her father Rudolf Hausner already was a renown painter. From 1972 on she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. Until the early 1990s she worked not only as a painter but also as a stage designer in Vienna, Salzburg, London and Brussels. From 1992 on Xenia Hausner focused exclusively on painting.

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