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XBMC artist not found - how to manually add?
    Jan 30, 2014 · (2013-12-15, 02:35) Prof Yaffle Wrote: Or add the artist to the database you're using if possible and re-scrape - that way everyone benefits. Unfortunately, at least my experience is that if I try to update musicbrainz (which is what universal scraper goes to) after a couple days the updates get removed with no explanation of why, nor any obvious way to find out.

XBMC Library Cleanup Part II - Missing Artwork - How to ...
    Mar 02, 2014 · In the rare event that XBMC doesn’t find artwork you probably notice right away if you’re adding one movie at a time. But if you’re adding many movies at once – for instance when rebuilding the database from scratch – it can be a rather tedious process …

Add-on:Artist Slideshow - Official Kodi Wiki
    VERSION 2.x ONLY Lets the skin know that the user has enabled the option to have AS use a transparent background when no artist images are found. Window(Visualisation).Property(ArtistSlideshow.ArtworkReady) VERSION 2.x ONLY Set to "true" as soon as an image is ready to be displayed; blank when no image is ready to be displayed. This is useful if …Repo: repo v18, repo v17, repo v16

XBMC User Guide -
    movie or album descriptions, and fan art. XBMC even has a built in audio CD ripper. This ripper supports ripping to wav, mp3 and OGG vorbis formats and attempts to name your tracks using album and artist data sourced from You can customize the look and feel of your XBMC using “skins” to customize the system to suit your own taste.

[JSON-RPC]Add "art" parameter to audio library Get and Set ...
    Dec 30, 2017 · Removes a single piece of art for a database item. \param mediaId the id in the media (song/artist/album) table. \param mediaType the type of media, which corresponds to the table the item resides in (song/artist/album). \param artType the type of art to remove, eg "thumb", "fanart". \return true if art is removed, false if no art is found.

script.cdartmanager/ at master · Giftie/script ...
    artist = artist_musicbrainz_id ( provided_dbid, provided_mbid) if not artist: log ( "No MBID found", xbmc. LOGNOTICE) else: print artist: log ( "Artist: %s" % artist [ "artist"], xbmc. LOGDEBUG) log ( "MBID: %s" % artist [ "musicbrainz_artistid"], xbmc. LOGDEBUG) select_artwork ( artist, media_type [0] ) elif media_type [ 0] in ( "cdart", "cover"): if provided_dbid:

Kodi Open Source Home Theater Software
    Kodi (formerly XBMC) is a free and open source media player application developed by the XBMC/Kodi Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. Kodi is available for multiple operating-systems and hardware platforms, featuring a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. It allows users to play and view most videos ...

How Do I Research My Art? Smithsonian American Art Museum
    How Do I Research My Art? Want to learn more about the painting you found while clearing out the attic? What about the drawing that has been hanging in grandma’s hallway since you were a kid? Maybe the sculpture you found at the flea market last summer really is a Remington. How can you find out?

The XBMC Foundation Kodi Open Source Home Theater …
    Dec 10, 2010 · Any XBMC Team member that has been with the project actively for 6 months, will automatically become a member of the Foundation and gain voting rights. It should be noted that the Foundation has no influence over individual Team members, other than possibly making recommendations of what does and doesn’t fit the overall vision for XBMC.

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