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Music - Various Artists - Kodi Community Forum
    Jan 11, 2014 · The artist tag in the MP3 is also "Various Artists". However, when looking in XBMC under 'artists', they don't appear. In the Album section they do, so they are definitely in the library.

Music Library - XBMC4Xbox
    The Music Library, one of the XBMC databases, is a key feature of XBMC.It allows the organization of your music collection by information stored in your music file ID tag, like title, artist…

[MusicLibrary] Include "Various artists" album artist in ...
    So Compilation flag != "various artists" as album artist. Personally I like to be able to find all my "compilation" albums, be they various artists on one album, or a compilation of songs from a single artist. The fact that I have to use Musicbrainz IDs to be able to flag a compilation from a single artist as such is a bit limiting.

[Music]Language independant "various artists" album artist ...
    Nov 27, 2019 · There has been a long standing problem with how the "various artists" album artist is implemented, especially impacting those who either use Kodi in a language other than English (even worse if they change language setting) or have music in other languages. Users can end up with multiple language variations of "various artists" with compilations divided among them, when what they really …

Adding music to the library - XBMC4Xbox
    Multiple artists for either a track or album artist can be specified in "Artist1 / Artist2 / Artist3" format. If no Album Artist tag exists, XBMC will use the first (primary) artist from the tracks as the Album Artist. Essentially we do a string comparison of all the track artists, and assign the common artists as the Album artist. This is generally the TPE1 tag in ID3.

Music library - Official Kodi Wiki
    Index of Music articles A listing of Music related pages Settings Main Page The Music Settings are located on various pages depending upon the function of the setting. Library Maintenance tasks can be found in Media>Library How music is collected, stored and displayed can be set in Settings>Media>Music

Organizing your (XBMC) music library -
    Jun 14, 2012 · It shows my library exactly as it would in xbmc the I just rename those duplicate artists. Also I like the option to tag from path, for example all my music is located on E:/My Music/Artist/Album/ Track I select “files to edit” then click on “unknown artist” …

Music tagging - Official Kodi Wiki
    The music library is based on scanning tags embedded in the music files. It ignores the folder names and structure and file names. Proper tagging is essential to ensure the library is populated correctly. Having slight variations in the tags for artist and album names could mean duplicated and unwanted entries. 3 Folder and File Structure

XBMC Frodo - Aeon MQ4 Skin– Part1 Music Library
    Apr 14, 2013 · Music Library – Artist Views This is my default view for Artists – Low List ... I used the inbuilt Universal Artists Scraper. This is powered by various metadata websites including website. ... The only real issue I have now with the XBMC music library is that the Artist SlideShow add-on seems a bit buggy and has a tendency ...

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