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Universal Scraper for Music Artists
    Jan 24, 2019 · I just added my music collection to XBMC this weekend and played around with the music artist scrapers. First off thanks for developing these useful add-ons. Here is what I found. I initially just used the Universal Scraper at its default settings. I found that it was incomplete with discography information and artist bios, sometimes it got it ...Ratings: 9

[Music]Better artist and album scraping during library ...
    Jul 08, 2017 · Make online scraping of additional artist and album information a bit more efficient - avoid futile repeat requests and make better use of Musicbrainz IDs. When fetching additional info on library update: Scan all metadata tags from the music files first before scraping (rather than do it album at a time). *This populates the library with the basic music without delay so the user can start ...

Universal Scraper for Music Artists
    Jun 18, 2012 · For me there were many artists that had missing information and my focus was getting my large music collection in decent shape in XBMC and properly scraped. It took me running the universal scraper,, musicbrainz and then universal scraper again one last time to get it there. I didn't document and track things artist by artist. There ...Ratings: 9

Scraping Music - Official Kodi Wiki
    Jul 21, 2020 · 2. Scraper Settings. The default Universal Artist Scraper and Universal Album Scraper have been updated to scrape extended artwork. These settings are disabled by default and need to be enabled in the scraper settings pages.. See: Universal Artist Scraper See: Universal Album Scraper 3.2 Extra Fanart. Extra Fanart was traditionally saved in the extrafanart folder.

Add-on:Universal Artist Scraper - Official Kodi Wiki
    Dec 06, 2020 · This scraper collects information from the following supported sites:, MusicBrainz,, and, while grabs artwork from: ...

13 Best Kodi Music Addons in 2021 – Review, Latest URL and ...
    Feb 07, 2021 · The Best Ultimate Music Collection from Diamond Wizard Repo, is a music video addon mainly for playbacking the best music collection from past to present. It’s arguably the best place on Kodi for looking for old-school classic and the favourtes of all time.

TheAudioDB Artist Scraper Freezes Kodi Program · Issue ...
    Typically, during artist/album retrieval there is a notification at the top of the screen indicating the title/artist information that is being collected with a percentage complete notice. Actual Behavior. The first artist that gets scanned, shows spinning indicator and no progress. and zero completion.

Add-on:TheAudioDb Artist Scraper - Official Kodi Wiki
    TheAudioDb Artist Scraper: ... It is our aim to be the most simple, easy to use and accurate source for Music metadata on the web. We also provide an API to access our repository of data so it can be used in many popular HTPC and Mobile apps to give you the best possible audio experience without the hassle.

Scraper issues for music : xbmc - reddit
    After making these comparison screenshots: XBMC Artist View vs. Plex Artist View, it seems that Plex' scraper using is far superior.I'm just wondering how XBMC's Universal Artist Scraper doesn't work very well when it says it uses, yet it cannot find artists that are clearly on even when manual searching and proper tags?

Artist discography - Use Musicbrainz releasegroup ids for ...
    Improve artist discography matching to albums in users music library by using Musicbrainz release group id when the artist scraper provides it. Bump music db to v79 for change to discography table Sometimes artist and album title are not enough to uniquely identify an album e.g. there are 5 different albums (with totally different tracks) by Peter Gabriel called "Peter Gabriel".

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