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Xaviera Simmons :: Foundation for Contemporary Arts
    Xaviera Simmons is a visual and performance artist whose body of work spans photography, performance, video, sound, sculpture, and installation. ... Artist Statement. My studio practice is focused on working concurrently within photography, performance, installation, sculpture, video, and sound. It is the cyclical and diverse nature of this ...

CPW — Xaviera Simmons
    Statement What has become indispensable to my works is the push to construct my studio practice into one that is spontaneous, experimental and collaborative. I work to dissolve the boundaries between myself as art maker in relation to the passerby, the potential participant, the viewer and the various landscapes I engage with.

Xaviera Simmons - David Castillo
    “Art Industry News: Artist Xaviera Simmons Says Critics Got This Year’s Whitney Biennial Totally, Offensively Wrong + Other Stories”, artnet news, July 3, 2019. Simmons, Xaviera. “Whiteness must undo itself to make way for the truly radical turn in contemporary culture”, The Art …

Xaviera Simmons -
    Xaviera Simmons In her first work designed for theater, visual artist Xaviera Simmons combines audience interactivity, experimental electronic sound, photography, video, movement and text work. This world premiere event is a part of the artist's continued exploration into …

Xaviera Simmons Defines Abolition Through Art Arts The ...
    Artist Xaviera Simmons's participatory performance included film screenings, talks, and audience interaction. ... In her opening statement for the program, Simmons spoke about the struggles of ...

Xaviera Simmons Socrates Sculpture Park
    Xaviera Simmons’ sweeping body of work includes photography, performance, choreography, video, sound, sculpture, and installation. Simmons’ interdisciplinary practice is rooted in shifting definitions of landscape and character development; art, political and social histories; and the interconnectedness of formal processes.

Xaviera Simmons - 13 Artworks, Bio & Shows on Artsy
    Xaviera Simmons explores the boundaries between fiction and reality, and public and private space, in a range of mediums that has included photography, sculpture, performance, audio, video, and installation.

Exhibition Xaviera Simmons - Weatherspoon Art Museum
    Images and objects, stories and geography, bodies and landscapes: artist Xaviera Simmons binds these multiple themes together in artworks that explore the complexity of history. Whether creating photographs, performances, sculptures, texts, or paintings, her work is anchored in archival research.

Artists announced for 2021 Desert X Art exhibit – NBC Palm ...
    Feb 17, 2021 · Artists participating in the 2021 exhibit were announce Tuesday and include: — Zahrah ... — Xaviera Simmons (born 1974, New York, US based in New York) — Kim Stringfellow (born 1963, San Mateo ... pose urgent questions about our pasts while imagining the possibilities of a shared future,” organizers said in a statement Tuesday.

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