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X-Force (comic book) - Wikipedia
    X-Force was created by illustrator Rob Liefeld after he started penciling The New Mutants comic book in 1989 with #86. The popularity of Liefeld's art led to him taking over the plotting duties on the book. With help from writer Fabian Nicieza, who provided the dialogue for Liefeld's plots, Liefeld transformed the New Mutants into X-Force in New Mutants #100, the book's final issue.Format: List, (vol. 1, 3–6), Ongoing series, (vol. 2), …

X-Force's Joshua Cassara Gives Dazzler's New Band a Name
    Mar 21, 2020 · X-Force #9 recently hit shelves, depicting a massive party scene at Krakoa's hottest club, The Green Lagoon. The book's artist, Joshua Cassara revealed the name of Dazzler's new band, who were seen performing at the club. On Twitter, Cassara posted, "FYI the …

X-Force Covers - Cover Browser
    art: Mark Morales Rob Liefeld's creation X-Force is a spin-off from the popular X-Men franchise. The team made their debug in The New Mutants #100 in 1991 to then make it to their own series.

Mike Allred - Wikipedia
    X-Force, an X-Men spinoff, received a makeover in July thanks to writer Peter Milligan and artist Mike Allred. A mixture of dark comedy and underground heroics, X-Force received critical acclaim, but a mixed reaction from fans.Area(s): Writer, Penciller, Inker

Uncanny X-Force - Wikipedia
    Uncanny X-Force was a comic book ongoing series published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer Rick Remender and artist Jerome Opeña, the first volume of the series continued the story of Wolverine and his X-Force team from the series X-Force, vol. 3. The title was relaunched after issue #35 as part of the Marvel NOW! relaunch event, and the new volume features Psylocke and Storm leading a new team of "outcasts and scoundrels". The second volume was one of two X-Force …

Dawn of X Primer: 'X-Force' Marvel
    X-FORCE #1 cover by Dustin Weaver Starring in their own self-titled book by writer Benjamin Percy and artist Joshua Cassara, the team consists of two parts: intelligence gathering and special ops! Beast, Jean Grey, and Sage are tasked with digging into potential threats while Wolverine, Kid Omega, and with them.

Rob Liefeld - Wikipedia
    A prominent writer and artist in the 1990s, he is known for co-creating the character Cable with writer Louise Simonson and the character Deadpool with writer Fabian Nicieza. In the early 1990s, Liefeld gained popularity due to his work on Marvel Comics' The New Mutants and later X-Force.

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