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the varda project
    As a young man Varda came under the influence of most of the important art movements of the early twentieth century, including Cubism, Dada, and Surrealism. He was an admirer of the bright palates used by Matisse and Bonnard and acknowledged a debt to the writings of the great artist Paul Klee.

Agnès Varda - 54 Artworks, Bio & Shows on Artsy
    Find the latest shows, biography, and artworks for sale by Agnès VardaNationality: French

The Artist - Varda — The Sausalito Foundation
    The Artist Jean Varda (1893-1971) was born in Izmir, Turkey to French and Greek parents. He had close ties to the modernist movement in France and England. He moved to California in 1940 and spent the war years in Big Sur and Monterey.

Agnès Varda Artnet
    Agnès Varda was a French photographer, filmmaker, and installation artist. Known for her political and feminist films, she was the only female director to emerge out of French New Wave cinema and is considered a founder of the movement.Nationality: French

Jane Varda
    Please update to Jane Varda at: for more info, images and even a new blog! Spring Studio during COVID. Appointments to view Jane’s art Contact ahead by: Email: [email protected] or Ph: 608 695 9238 See Jane’s interview at : [email protected] River Arts on Water. Jane Varda art may be viewed at River Arts on Water ...

Varda Caivano - 19 Artworks, Bio & Shows on Artsy
    Known for her flat, small-scale paintings, Varda Caivano works within an aesthetic of restraint, combining formal mastery with an openness to the unexpected. Mostly abstract with the occasional evocation of a landscape, Caivano’s works embody the artist’s ambivalence about the notion of resolution.Nationality: Argentine

Ceramics Sasa, Israel Varda Yatom
    VARDA YATOM Varda Yatom’s internationally recognized ceramic work examines the relationship between personal identity and culture, symbolism and meaning, aesthetics and morality.

The Varda Artists Residency Program — Openhouse Magazine
    Jean Varda lived on the S.S. Vallejo until his death in 1971, and tomorrow the artists in residence will also be leaving the boat. They will return to their busy lives, computer screens, and artwork with a new perspective imbued by their time aboard the legendary S.S. Vallejo.

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