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    VARA ART is a full-service art advisory firm specializing in the art of the past and the present. With services including: Collection Acquisitions, Collection Sales, Curating, Integrated Design, Certified USPAP Valuations & Appraisals, Collection Management, Legal Expertise, Art Literacy, Estate Management, and Artist Advising.

Visual Artists Rights Act (VARA) of 1990 - IMUA
    Simplistically, VARA grants artists two basic rights - The right of attribution or the artist's right to claim ownership of the piece of work created by him/her, or to deny authorship of a work not of his/her making. The right of integrity of the work deals with the artist's right to prevent mutilation or alteration or to recover damages.

Moral Rights Under The Visual Artists Rights Act (VARA)
    Nov 13, 2012 · The Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990, also known as VARA, is a federal law that protects the moral rights of visual artists. Rights of Attribution and Integrity VARA addresses visual artists’ rights of attribution by establishing rules about identifying authorship of works.

A Guide to the Visual Artists Rights Act - Harvard Law School
    VARA covers only limited, fine art categories of "works of visual art": paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, still photographs produced for exhibition. Within this group, only single copies or signed and numbered limited editions of 200 or less are actually protected.

    To many, the Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990, VARA, requires that if an artist wishes to protect their right to prevent mutilation or alteration of the visual works or get credit for the creation of a piece of art, that artist must bring action in Federal Court as Federal

VARA - Artists&Clients
    VARA Vara art Online: 3 hours ago. Using Artists&Clients you can quickly hire this artist to produce a piece of art you want. Country unknown; Member Since December 2019; 14 Completed commissions Verified e-mail address; Verified artist; Response time: Same-day Read VARA's terms ...

HOME - Vara Kamin Images (VKI)
    Vara Kamin specializes in creating works of art that unlock the body’s natural healing, soothing, and self-nurturing capabilities. Rich in color, movement, and texture, Kamin’s paintings provide a positive point of focus while stimulating active imagination and inviting the viewer to a place of self-reflection.

Moral Rights for Artists: The Visual Artists Rights Act
    VARA acknowledges that an artist has a form of property right in his or her creation that others may not claim nor prejudicially alter. This is not a natural right based on the European model, but rather a grant of the Constitution and Congress.

Waiver of Proprietary Rights
    (“the Work”) for the City artist agrees to waive and does hereby waive voluntarily all rights to attribution and integrity with respect to the Work and any and all claims as may arise under the Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990, 17 U.S.C. §§106A and 113(d) (”VARA”), the California Art Preservation Act (Cal. Civ. Code

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