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Artists by genre: Vanitas -
    Genre. Pieter Claesz. Dutch, 1597 - 1660. 40 artworks.

An Introduction to Vanitas Paintings - ThoughtCo
    Oct 17, 2019 · Considered a signature genre in Dutch Baroque art, a number of artists were famous for their vanitas work. These include Dutch painters like David Bailly (1584–1657), Harmen van Steenwyck (1612–1656), and Willem Claesz Heda (1594–1681). Some French painters worked in vanitas as well, the best-known of which was Jean Chardin (1699–1779).

Vanitas: Dutch Master Paintings Explained
    Jul 14, 2020 · The mastery of Vanitas belonged to names such as Harmen Steenwijck, David Bailly, and Pieter Claesz. Vanitas was cultivated in a time of religious tension and was produced as a bulwark for the Protestant mission of self-contemplation.

vanitas Definition, Painters, & Facts Britannica
    Jan Davidsz de Heem, one of the greatest Baroque painters of still life in Holland. His most numerous and characteristic works are arrangements of fruits, metal dishes, and wine glasses; compositions of books and musical instruments; and examples of the popular “vanity…. Willem Claesz Heda.

Still Life Photographers Who Give a Fresh Meaning to Vanitas
    Nov 10, 2016 · Jeroen Luijt - New Vanitas. We discovered Jeroen Luijt at this year’s ART.FAIR in Cologne, as we immediately recognized his talent. His New Vanitas series, for instance, truly is a fresh look at the concept, in which he juxtaposes skulls with abstract arrangements and …

Artworks by genre: Vanitas - - Visual Art ...
    Vanitas Still-life Pieter Claesz • 1628. Vanitas. Still Life Pieter Claesz • 1630. Old Man Holding a Skull Jan Lievens • 1630. Vanitas Still Life with Thinking Young Man Samuel Dirksz van Hoogstraten • 1645. Vanitas David Bailly • 1650. Self-portrait with Vanitas Symbols David Bailly …

An Exploration of Vanitas: The 17th Century and the ...
    Joris van Son, a Flemish Baroque artist, approached the vanitas theme in an aesthetically beautiful manner. At first glance, one is instantly captured by the bountiful array of flowers and fruit:...

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