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vanitas Definition, Painters, & Facts Britannica
    Vanitas, (from Latin vanitas, “vanity”), in art, a genre of still-life painting that flourished in the Netherlands in the early 17th century. A vanitas painting contains collections of objects symbolic of the inevitability of death and the transience and vanity of earthly achievements and pleasures; it exhorts the viewer to consider mortality and to repent.

An Introduction to Vanitas Paintings
    Oct 17, 2019 · Considered a signature genre in Dutch Baroque art, a number of artists were famous for their vanitas work. These include Dutch painters like David Bailly (1584–1657), Harmen van Steenwyck (1612–1656), and Willem Claesz Heda (1594–1681). Some French painters worked in vanitas as well, the best-known of which was Jean Chardin (1699–1779).

Still Life Photographers Who Give a Fresh Meaning to Vanitas
    Nov 10, 2016 · The Golden Age of the Dutch and Flemish culture offered, and continues to offer, a bounty of Vanitas still-lifes as one of the earliest examples of the genre in European painting, providing inexhaustible inspiration for contemporary art practices and still life artists of all genres. ”Vanitas vanitatum et omnia Vanitas" was the writing each ...

Vanitas: Dutch Master Paintings Explained
    Jul 14, 2020 · However, Vanitas, a sub-genre of still-life painting, became increasingly popular during this period, though we possess little to none of this genre by the three masters mentioned. The mastery of Vanitas belonged to names such as Harmen Steenwijck, David Bailly, and Pieter Claesz.

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