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Vani Satya Akula - ArtPrize Artist - An open art contest ...
    Vani Satya Akula is an artist from Horseheads, NY. She has been trained in the Arts while simultaneously pursuing a career in Science (Molecular Biology and Software Engineering). In 2008, she took the leap of faith and has been pursuing her career as a professional artist.

Vani Akula Fine Art - FASO Artist Websites
    ARTIST STATEMENT My art explores various aspects of human identity and connectivity, seeking to create a dialogue between the mindful and autopilot modes of living. BIOGRAPHY Growing up in India, art was my reward for good grades. I aced school to keep my privilege of painting.

Vani Satya Akula – The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger ...
    Vani Satya Akula. Bio: Art to me is as essential as breathing. I painted part time as a Molecular Biologist and Software Engineer, till I renounced those titles to being a full time artist. In my paintings, I transpose the joy I experience from simple things in life. Play of light on objects, my love of dance, people and my reminiscences on life.

Vani Akula : Freelance Portrait Painter & Painter
    Vani Akula Freelance Portrait Painter & Painter: 11452

Vani Akula Artworks Gallery -
    Vani Akula Artworks Gallery. Meditation: Drawing , 16 x 20 , Artist Satyavani. Saved by vanifineart: Satyavani Pippalla Akula

Vani Akula's Friends : Freelance Portrait Painter & Painter
    Vani Akula's Friends : Freelance Portrait Painter & Painter. I paint and draw portraits, still lives, landscapes and fantasy art in oil. My skills can be commissioned for book illustrations,...

Vani Satya Akula - Bliss - ArtPrize Entry Profile - A ...
    Vani Satya Akula Two-Dimensional Bliss is a painting in progress of multiple canvases, each of which draw the viewer into a peaceful scene which makes them pause and contemplate. A moment of consciousness, of being in the present, where the stress of a fast paced life fades.

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