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VEA Competition
    "The Vandoren Emerging Artist Competition is open to any highly proficient saxophonist or clarinetist in Jazz or Classical between the age of 18 and 23." The Competition started in 2010 as a way to identify the next generation of great clarinetists and saxophonists and acknowledge them for their talent, the work it took to succeed, and the artistry they display on their instrument.

Local Sax Player Gets Top Honor in Emerging Artist Competition
    22 hours ago · Vandoren named Derevyanko as a 1st-place prize winner in its national 2021 Emerging Artist Competition for any highly proficient jazz or classical saxophonist or …

Judging VEA Competition
    The Vandoren Emerging Artist Competition applications are judged by a panel of Vandoren Artists for each category – Jazz, Clarinet, and Saxophone. The competition strives to maintain complete fairness and lack of bias in the judging process. Here are some of the mechanisms we have put into place to ensure a fair and honest competition.

Khudyev Emil - Vandoren Paris
    Named as the first Vandoren Emerging Artist Competition winner, clarinetist Emil Khudyev is recognized as an outstanding musician on the international concert stage around the world today. Emil’s sincere music-creating promotes the arts and builds the next generation of classical music lovers of all ages.

The Vandoren Emerging Artist Competition: Past 2016 ...
    The Vandoren Emerging Artist competition is a national event for ages 18-23, for clarinet, classical saxophone and jazz. ... She was a finalist in the Mannes Concerto Competition in 2013 and was awarded honorable mention in the 2014 Concerto Competition. Ms. Kim has also served as principal clarinetist of the New York Youth Symphony and ...

Vandoren Emerging Artist Competition: Rising to the Top Dansr
    Now in its eighth year, the Vandoren Emerging artist competition is a feature-rich competition designed to recognize the best young clarinets and saxophonists in the United States. Open to musicians between the age of 18 and 23, the competition has attracted the finest young musicians in three categories – classical clarinet, classical saxophone and jazz - to compete for cash prizes, products …

The Vandoren Emerging Artist Competition - YouTube
    David Gould discusses the Vandoren Emerging Artist Competition. Open to all saxophonists and clarinetists residing in the US between the ages of 18 and 23. F...

Rochester Review :: University of Rochester
    Vandoren Emerging Artist Competition . Tyler Wiessner First Prize, 2015; Myles Boothroyd Second Prize, 2014; Matthew Amedio First Prize, 2012; Rachel Perry Third Prize, 2012; William C. Byrd International Young Artist Competition . Katherine Weintraub First Prize, 2013

Jay Shankar Wins First Prize at Vandoren Emerging Artist ...
    Feb 05, 2021 · Jay Shankar Wins First Prize at Vandoren Emerging Artist Competition. Jay Shankar, an undergraduate clarinet student, has been awarded first prize in Vandoren Emerging Artist Competition in Classical Clarinet. Winners of the competition will travel to Paris to visit the home of Vandoren, receive $1,000, and perform at the annual Music For All National Festival.

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