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H. van Leeuwen Paintings & Artwork for Sale H. van ...
    Description: HENDRIK VAN LEEUWEN (VAN OUDEWATER) 1890 - 1972 Farmhouse with cows on a lake Oil on canvas. 40 x 60 cm (F. 54 x 74 cm). Signed lower left 'H v Leeuwen. v O'. Frame. Rahmen. Provenance: Rhenish private collection HENDRIK VAN LEEUWEN (VAN OUDEWATER) 1890 - 1972 Bauernhaus mit Kühen am See Öl auf Leinwand. 40 x 60 cm (R. 54 x 74 cm).

Hanna van Leeuwen – Original art to change your world
    With vibrant colours and with a sense of movement the artist creates and paints an unique world. Using recognisable shapes of nature and landscape she puts pieces together as a setting to reveal a different world. One where the internal longings and questions of the artist find space. In her work she sees the connections between the visual world and the inner perceptions of a person.

About me – Hanna van Leeuwen
    In her work as a visual artist Hanna van Leeuwen creates mystical sceneries in nature. With vibrant colours and a dynamic flow to her work she sets foot on a journey of exploring the world we live in. The inner world and spiritual world is always connected and intertwined with the natural, she believes.

About — Kees van Leeuwen / Visual Artist
    Kees van Leeuwen / Visual Artist. Projects Exhibitions Research About Contact Instagram. Scroll. About. Born, 24-09-1986, Haarlemmermeer, the Netherlands. Currently working and living in Haarlem, The Netherlands . My artistic practice engages human interactions with institutional architectural spaces. My extensive research on nuclear bunkers is an important departure point for my current work.

Marina van Leeuwen Artist
    artist. Marina van Leeuwen is an emerging artist based in Perth. Her site based works employ print, paint, photography, collage and found objects to create mixed media explorations of overlooked textures and patterns of familiar yet undefined urban places. Scale and documentation are key to her practice, drawing on themes of micro-geography, personal navigation and the fluidity of memory.

Artists – Galerie Wouter van Leeuwen
    Galerie Wouter van Leeuwen Hazenstraat 27 1016 SM Amsterdam +31 6 5203 1540 [email protected]

Kale Van Leeuwen - Visual Artist - The artwork of Kale Van ...
    Kale Van Leeuwen Visual artist Kansas City, Missouri Area 500+ connections. Join to Connect The artwork of Kale Van Leeuwen. Pittsburg State University. Websites. Websites. Personal Website ...Title: Visual artist

Michael Lange – Galerie Wouter van Leeuwen
    Oct 12, 2016 · Galerie Wouter van Leeuwen Hazenstraat 27 ... Art, Der Spiegel, Time, Newsweek, Fortune and as a contract photographer for the Germany Manager Magazin, in addition to work for corporations. In the late 90s he started working on personal artistic projects which he is doing ever since. He is based in Hamburg.

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